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My favorite DIY would have to be my whale sweater, which sparked my interest in recreating my own clothing. The project, like most others I have done, started off very risky, because of the unknown outcome; I had never attempt such a task. The results seemed more flawless than I expected from the pattern I created to the actual process of using a stamp. It withholds a future, in which I see myself creating my own clothing that is uniquely me.

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In trying to constantly perfect my sewing skills and accessory baggage, I chose to create a new magazine bag. This pouch, unlike my previous attempt of a carryon, this one showcases my abilities at both constructing someone that can carry multiple items, as well as my artistic technique.mag bag 2.0

I chose to use a more durable material for this project that could not only withstand impact from other things in my bag, but also maintain durability and style. As we all know, I love umbrellas and their gentleman-like qualities they’ve possessed throughout time. I purchased a stamp, which embellishes quality, from Jessica Torrant of Green Garden Stamps. Using paint to compliment the color of the navy blue material, I stamped the umbrellas and raindrops from Jessica’s Etsy. It turned out rather nicely and met my expectations for the look and feel I wanted to achieve.

I chose to place the umbrellas upside down because my mother told me that an upside down umbrella means good luck. I would like to add that assorting the pattern in this way makes the pouch very unique to me.

mag bag 2.0 2

This project was very important to me, so rather than blitzing through it, I took my time. The process took over a week, plus waiting for the stamps to arrive in the mail. I originally made the bag to the specifications of fitting both my laptop and magazine. Due to my sewing and measuring, it is more adapted toward my future purchase of an iPad.

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I believe Design and Art are to be appreciated, rather than for profit. Don’t get me wrong, someone who spends copious amounts of time on their art, should be compensated accordingly. I am preaching for the people who spend their time, passion and effort into their works and not those who capitalize on what is “trendy.”

penguin 1


This brings me to the idea of DIY: I believe this to be an art form, with its purpose to inspire other to create something meaningful and individualistic. I create things to not only serve me, the purpose of knowing I can make something, I do it to inspire other to create things that make them feel distinct.

penguin 3


The penguin jacket, which I am wearing, represents not only me, but also the ideas of DIY that I uphold. I thrifted this jacket with a certain purpose in mind: I wanted it to be something that could be brought to life. The penguin, one of my favorite animals, is the stamp I chose for this project. I believe the penguin symbolizes me. It’s an animal that is driven by the feedback from his colony, meanwhile is capable of being independent.

penguin 2


To achieve this DIY: Have a stamp, paint in your choice of color and textile to make it permanent on clothing.  The process, much like the whale sweater, takes time and patience to perfect. I will also add that painting in with a paintbrush the spots the stamp doesn’t hit.   Good luck to you on this project, if you so choose to do it.

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maine 6


In my travels, especially in Missouri, we’re constantly wearing layers of clothing. These layers are changed about as often as our weather does; in the morning it could be raining and then in the afternoon it’s sunny and 70 degrees.  Before you know it, though, Snowmageddon comes in full guns blazing.

maine 5

What is a gentleman of my position to do with those extra layers when I need to shed them?  I came up with the idea of my wrap, Ty, to hold my jacket, cardigan, gloves or whatever else I use to bear the weather.  This piece can be seen as one of the more valuable accessories in my bag because it’s able to hold the things I am the most fond of.

maine 4


The concept of Ty came from the fabric, which holds an umbrella together. I wanted to make something that would wrap around my clothing to keep it intact, so it would not get wrinkled or messed up. I would describe the process fairly easy: you just measure how much material you need to wrap around the garments. Then, you sew the two pieces of material together. You can decorate it however you like on the outside.  In order to fasten it, I used Velcro to achieve this.

maine 7

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maine 1

In life, we are always thinking of our future destinations. For me, I have idolized the Northeastern Region of the United States.  Its landscapes, the weather and the people have always fascinated me. While creating the bag I am pictured with, I intended on creating the feelings I have for this area.

maine 2

I think it is important to focus on not so much of the past or the present, but the future. We’re constantly creating a path for ourselves, and to some degree, this future is somewhat unknown.  We visualize the things we want and the places we want to go, and are hopeful to reach those goals and destinations.   There’s always the classic saying, it’s the small things in life that count. So creating this bag, i.e. the small thing, is but a large thing in reminding me of what I want my future to become.

maine 3

I feel I am a person who not necessarily goes by impulse, but one who goes on their gut feeling.  So when I found this Maine tote bag, I knew it would be mine.  As far as converting it into a carry-on bag, I find it more valuable than a tote because I constantly carry it in my bag, with the valuables essential to the items I use on a daily basis. I see totes as more of an outfit choice, rather than something used every day. With a carry-on, I know I will be using it everyday. This keeps me focused on my future, rather than my past or even my present.

maine 9

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For Christmas last year, I asked my mom for a mannequin. I had the intentions of using the mannequin as a piece of art and also to display the many things I plan on making this year. To make it as a work of art, I was inspired by a mannequin I saw at an antique store that was covered in old newspapers. 



Rather than duplicating that idea, I chose to cover it in old sewing patterns.  I thrifted these patterns at Red Racks – my favorite thrift store in town. Originally, I thought paper mache would be a wise choice used to cover him, but instead, I used Mod Podge.  I found it to hold the material much better.



The process took over five hours with breaks in between. My hands became covered in glue and I constantly had to peel them. Thanks to the help of my editor, Jori, the work wasn’t overbearing. Had I not had her assistance, it probably would have taken much longer than that. I recommend having another person help you with the project, if you choose to make something to this magnitude. Image

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During the holidays, my friend/cousin Jori gave me my first freestanding sewing box, and inside I found three different styles of remnant fabric. The one that stood out immediately to me was one that had several bicycles on it. I had various creative thoughts flood my mind on what I wanted to make with it. The best idea that I have come up with was to make a bowtie using this fabric.IMG_2692

In assistance of Elsie and Emma’s blog, A Beautiful Mess, I was able to construct this very unique piece to add to my wardrobe. The making of this piece was fairly simple, thanks to the instructions. I had to use some of my own techniques because I was unable to find the double clip that was shown in the DIY. In lieu of this piece, I found alligator clips at Hobby Lobby that serve the same purpose and are an inexpensive alternative.

bowtie 1

This bowtie are like my coats, in that it has it’s own distinctive quality. This is why he, too, has a name: meet Ryder. While his name truly fits his pattern, the name comes from the English origin, meaning messenger. I see this fitting of me; I am constantly on the hunt for innovative and noteworthy ways to express my image to you, my readers; I hope the message is distinct.

bowtie 2

I encourage you to explore your personality and your creativity, if you so desire, to make your own bowtie. Have fun with it.

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bag 1Two fellow bloggers have inspired me to paint a tote bag I bought from H&M last summer.  Fred Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep painted his chinos, and Dillion Burke of  Thread and Salt sported a bag with splattered paint on it.  Their outstanding projects influenced me to incorporate their ideas into my own creative style.

bag 2

My friend Kendra, who has a impeccable eye for design projects, helped guide me through the process of making the bag a work of art. I chose colors that stand out to me and that are representative of my style – colors that were subdued, but also eye-catching. I chose from a basket full of different colors, such as: brown, mint, green, blue, navy, and orange to name a few.   When I was painting, I attacked the bag with hard paint strokes. By the end, I flicked black and pink paint to add depth to the collage of colors.

bag 3

The process of painting the bag was fun and different than other projects that I have done in the past.  It was like a freeing experience, in the fact that I wasn’t constricted to a right or wrong way of doing it; I was able to express myself through painting like Jackson Pollock, or one of my favorite album cover’s from Wild Nothing’s Nocturne. This project reminded me that art isn’t just what you imagine in your mind; rather, it’s what it becomes through the actual act… the moment… the feeling.

bag 4

If you decide to do this project, I recommend having lots of paint and brushes available. Even though the colors are mixed together as a final product, you don’t want to lose the vibrancy of the original colors chosen.  This is definitely a fun project, but it also takes time to put all the paint on and to dry.   Have fun.

bag 5

P.S. To add a personal touch you can iron on your initials like I did which you can find at Hobby Lobby or any craft store

bag 6

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Besides mixing and matching, the easiest way to make your wardrobe seem fresh and new, is to add some extra edge to it.  I had the idea while searching through various DIY’s. With the help from my friend Kendra, we found that stamping could make an average sweater look really unique.  All it took was a trip to my favorite thrift shop Red Racks, Hobby Lobby, and an idea of a pattern and I have a original looking whale sweater.

I had every intention, originally, to go to the thrift store and find a really soft, old sweatshirt. Instead, I found a sweater that fit my criteria, of being slim fit and comfortable.  I was quite a bargain at $2.98.  The rubber stamp and paint at Hobby Lobby (with a coupon) was around $7.00. The entire project ends up costing under $10.00.  The most difficult part of this project was the stamping.  I would definitely recommend testing out the stamp on spare fabric before putting it on the desired piece. One thing I really liked about this project was that every impression I made on the sweater wit he the stamp, it was different than the one before it. While some may like it to look perfect, so don’t fret if it doesn’t come out as you think it should.

I think it is important to pick out a rubber stamp that embodies something about you. I chose the whale because I love nautical patterns.  One day, I hope I am able to see the ocean and appreciate it for everything it is. I feel like the whale, much like sailboats, are consistently on the journey somewhere into the unknown, but are also searching to discover something great. I see myself venturing into the limitless world of possibilities. I am hopeful in finding what I am looking for in my life.

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Tis’ the season for Christmas music. The holidays are in full swing again and the music can be heard everywhere.  I decided this playlist would keep with some of the classics but I also wanted to keep it fresh with the indie artists I like covering these songs.

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