bag 1Two fellow bloggers have inspired me to paint a tote bag I bought from H&M last summer.  Fred Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep painted his chinos, and Dillion Burke of  Thread and Salt sported a bag with splattered paint on it.  Their outstanding projects influenced me to incorporate their ideas into my own creative style.

bag 2

My friend Kendra, who has a impeccable eye for design projects, helped guide me through the process of making the bag a work of art. I chose colors that stand out to me and that are representative of my style – colors that were subdued, but also eye-catching. I chose from a basket full of different colors, such as: brown, mint, green, blue, navy, and orange to name a few.   When I was painting, I attacked the bag with hard paint strokes. By the end, I flicked black and pink paint to add depth to the collage of colors.

bag 3

The process of painting the bag was fun and different than other projects that I have done in the past.  It was like a freeing experience, in the fact that I wasn’t constricted to a right or wrong way of doing it; I was able to express myself through painting like Jackson Pollock, or one of my favorite album cover’s from Wild Nothing’s Nocturne. This project reminded me that art isn’t just what you imagine in your mind; rather, it’s what it becomes through the actual act… the moment… the feeling.

bag 4

If you decide to do this project, I recommend having lots of paint and brushes available. Even though the colors are mixed together as a final product, you don’t want to lose the vibrancy of the original colors chosen.  This is definitely a fun project, but it also takes time to put all the paint on and to dry.   Have fun.

bag 5

P.S. To add a personal touch you can iron on your initials like I did which you can find at Hobby Lobby or any craft store

bag 6

Classically Yours,