I believe Design and Art are to be appreciated, rather than for profit. Don’t get me wrong, someone who spends copious amounts of time on their art, should be compensated accordingly. I am preaching for the people who spend their time, passion and effort into their works and not those who capitalize on what is “trendy.”

penguin 1


This brings me to the idea of DIY: I believe this to be an art form, with its purpose to inspire other to create something meaningful and individualistic. I create things to not only serve me, the purpose of knowing I can make something, I do it to inspire other to create things that make them feel distinct.

penguin 3


The penguin jacket, which I am wearing, represents not only me, but also the ideas of DIY that I uphold. I thrifted this jacket with a certain purpose in mind: I wanted it to be something that could be brought to life. The penguin, one of my favorite animals, is the stamp I chose for this project. I believe the penguin symbolizes me. It’s an animal that is driven by the feedback from his colony, meanwhile is capable of being independent.

penguin 2


To achieve this DIY: Have a stamp, paint in your choice of color and textile to make it permanent on clothing.  The process, much like the whale sweater, takes time and patience to perfect. I will also add that painting in with a paintbrush the spots the stamp doesn’t hit.   Good luck to you on this project, if you so choose to do it.

Classically Yours,