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In my travels, especially in Missouri, we’re constantly wearing layers of clothing. These layers are changed about as often as our weather does; in the morning it could be raining and then in the afternoon it’s sunny and 70 degrees.  Before you know it, though, Snowmageddon comes in full guns blazing.

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What is a gentleman of my position to do with those extra layers when I need to shed them?  I came up with the idea of my wrap, Ty, to hold my jacket, cardigan, gloves or whatever else I use to bear the weather.  This piece can be seen as one of the more valuable accessories in my bag because it’s able to hold the things I am the most fond of.

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The concept of Ty came from the fabric, which holds an umbrella together. I wanted to make something that would wrap around my clothing to keep it intact, so it would not get wrinkled or messed up. I would describe the process fairly easy: you just measure how much material you need to wrap around the garments. Then, you sew the two pieces of material together. You can decorate it however you like on the outside.  In order to fasten it, I used Velcro to achieve this.

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