Archives for the month of: September, 2013

1. Carcass- “1985”

2. Drake- “Too Much”

3. Haim- “Falling”

4. Neko Case- “Night Still Falls”

5. FKA Twigs- Papi Pacify

6. The Foreign Exchange (ft. Sy Smith)- “Right After Midnight”

7. Frankie Rose- “Sorrow”

8. Chvrches- “We Sink”

9. Volcano Choir- “Comrade”

10. The Field- “Cupid’s Head”

11. Agnes Obel- “Dorian”

12. Mazzy Star- “I’ve Gotta Stop”

13. John Legend- “Open Your Eyes”

14. Nirvana- “All Apologies” (Demo)

15. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin- “Lucky Young”

16. London Grammar- “Wasting My Young Years”

17. San Fermin- “Sonsick”

18. Justin TImberlake- “Take Back the Night”

19. Au Revoir Simone- “Somebody Who”

20. Lorde- “Team”

21. Stacey Kent- “The Changing Lights”

22. Balance and Composure-  “I’m Swimming”

23. The Weeknd (Pharell remix)”- “Wanderlust”

24.  Pink Martini (ft. Phillipe Katerine)- “Je Ne T’aime Plus”




Classically Yours,



Danny Paul Grody’s Between Two Worlds is one of the best albums this year. It captured my month of solitude away from the social media world and time to meditate about my life outside that realm. Between Two World’s could be described as acoustic, dreamy, and droney.

Instead of writing a couple paragraphs about how beautiful this album is I have chosen to give my readers a song that I feel best fits the overall feel of this  work.   Here it is…

Grass Nap

Classically Yours,




1. Danny Paul Grody- “Grass Nap”

2. Washed Out- “Don’t Give Up”

3. Chris Thile- “Sonata No. 2 in A Minor, BMV 1003: II Fuga”

4. Julia Holter- “In the Green Wild”

5. Chuck Johnson- “Random Street Blues”

6. Bob Dylan- “Went to See the Gypsy”

7. Cecile Mclorin Salvant- “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was”

8. Earl Sweatshirt- “Molasses” (ft. RZA)

9. Forest Swords- “The Weight of Gold”

10. John Mayer- “Wildfire” (Ft. Frank Ocean)

11. Julianna Barwick- “Look Into Your Own Mind”

12. Samaris- “Gooa Tungl”

13. Soft Metals- “Tell Me”

14. Diana- “That Feeling”

15. Valerie June- “Working Woman Blues”

16. Derrick Hodge- “The Real”



Toward the end of July, I decided to take a hiatus from all social media. This meant no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, my blog, and even Snapchat. I took this leave of absence for many reasons, mostly pertaining to my life, but also to go back to how it truly felt like not to be absorbed in the digital world.


Upon stepping out of the digital realm, I began to understand how “in it” I had become.  There was the “I should Instagram this” or “I should tweet about that” that came to mind several times.  My thumbs were lacking the love, which they received while flipping through photos or tweets.  I felt lost for the first week and a half, but began to feel peace towards the end of the month.

The world outside of the social network universe is real and is away from all the drama that can be put into 142 words or less. Or captured in a photo that one gets some sort of “digital high” from the amount of likes they receive. I found that being away from such vices makes a person truly realize what it means to have good communication skills beyond what typed words can produce.  The social network universe can sometimes produce a fake image of someone unlike the real world, where you get the whole package.


I truly believe that when a person takes an #unplugged venture into the real world, they also begin to focus on what is most important to them.  Everywhere I go, I see the zombified faces of “downers” (people who constantly have faces in their smartphones).  If people step away from the social media, they’re able to look forward and see the future and what it may hold for them.  I began to understand this as I took my glued face away from my phone and I wasn’t afraid to see what was in front of me.  I had conversations with random people or said hi to them rather than endless numbification of what could be seen on my phone.


As time was made less on my phone, I was able to make time for DIY projects such as my polka dot shorts and use of my JFK stamp, which will be used in future projects.  It was also spent on finishing my summer reading list, having great times with friends and family, focusing on running my marathon, and most of all – peace of mind.  I highly recommend this type of hiatus for others, as they will see for themselves what it means to have time away from the chains of their digital life to one that has absolute freedom of mind.


Classically Yours,