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Warby Parker has come out with one of coolest, classic collections of sunglasses for men and women this spring. It’s called the Daydream collection,  As the name implies, it makesme think of nice spring days that include the right outfit, music, and dreaming about warmer months. My favorite pair of shades in the collection,is the Jackson.  This particular model comes in both a crystal and tortoise color as shown here.


l  I feel like this pair of sunglasses is the perfect accessory for a guy like me who dresses very classic and believes in having a pair of shades that won’t go out of style anytime soon.  The crystal color in particular grabbed my attention in that they added a unique spin on what I would term a more traditional style of sunglasses. Also, this style fits very well with oval type face shapes (like my own). When pairing these with an outfit I tend to stick to spring/summer staples. Navy and white are my preferred colors when it comes to warmer months. I would wear  these shades with a nautical striped sweater, navy chinos and white jack purcells. Classic and timeless. As shown here:

Nautical Sweater



Also, for tunes one of my favorite albums by Tennis…


I’m all about keeping it fresh in the warmer months with the right clothes and most importantly shades to not only block out the sun but to represent my fashion sense. Warby Parker is one of the finest glasses/sunglasses makers is the business.  They have simple but elegant designs that fit almost anyone’s style. Not to mention they have best customer service and 5 frames for 5 days deal in which the send you 5 glasses for free to try on and choose the one that best fits you.  Take a look at the Daydream collection and let me know what you think.

Classically yours,



As you have probably noticed lately, I haven’t been writing much on the blog.  It’s not that I haven’t been inspired or lacking ideas but just decided to take some time off and really look into myself for this piece I wanted to write to my readers. So, here it goes…

Back in December, I received a phone call from 417 Magazine, a local publication in my area.  I was informed that I was nominated as one of six best-dressed individuals in the City.  I was excited, as this was one of the highest honors that I have ever received. This ‘Best Dressed’ title also came with a chance to walk the Runway at the local event called Fashionation (which was a really fun experience).

All of the exposure from this nomination made me reflect upon what it means to have style and how it makes me feel as an individual.  I can remember growing up, when fashion wasn’t always at the forefront of my individuality. I loved sports, video games, and Batman.  I wore the clothes my parents bought for me every year.  My first real experience with finding what I wanted to wear began in middle school – when you would have seen me pimped out in Tommy Hilfiger and Jncos.

In high school, I began to realize that clothing and style could really show someone’s personality and it would be a factor in how he or she would get noticed. I was what I like to call a “bro” at this point in my life. This is when I started to fit in with trends of scenes like Abercrombie and Hollister.  I wanted to look like preppy, but rugged. I was wearing clothes that looked like they had been worn out.  It wasn’t until the end of my high school era that I shed my “bro-ness” and began thrifting.

College was an eye-opening experience – I saw how lazy people could really dress.  I remember a former co-worker at an old job I had tell me to buy sweatshirts, sweatpants and Adidas runner pants because that’s what people wore in college.

He was totally right, as this was common attire, along with pajama pants, worn by my fellow classmates.  This was when I began to find myself as wanting to make something more out of myself through my wardrobe.

I didn’t want to go to class dressed like I had just rolled out of bed. I wanted to show respect not only for my teachers and classmates but, also for myself. I wanted to dress better and feel good about myself as well.

So, I was thrifting and buying pieces for my wardrobe that I felt were important to me.  I started ironing and laying out my clothes every night, making sure each piece coordinated with the other (which I STILL do).  I got noticed by teachers and classmates and was asked often about where I got my clothes, where I shopped, and how much time I invested in preparing before school.

Since then, fashion has been something I’ve been interested in and has continued to this very day.  Fashion keeps my mind and creativity constantly booming with ideas.  I think one of the best things in life is to find something you are truly interested in and making something out of it be it fashion, music, art, teaching – whatever really makes you feel good.  Hopefully, this allows my readers to think about what is important to them and to not give up on their dreams and what truly makes them happy.

Classically Yours,


As we prepare for next week’s shopping madness, being that Christmas is fast approaching and on everyone’s mind, I decided to make a list for those who are looking for that perfect gift to give to the gentleman in their life.  This list ranges from DIY’s, products made by my friends, and items I have had and adored over time, that I think are essential to any mans everyday life.


Bow Tie

bowtie 2 copy

Whale Sweater

bridge 2 copy

Tweed Satchel/Pocket Square

zacky bag 1 copy

p square 3 copy

Fox Sweater 

Fox Sweater

Laptop Sleeve


Cashmere Scarf


Dopp Kit


BIY (Buy it Yourself):

Different Take Leather Goods

Hooge Wallet

The IG

Kwanalee Art

Kendra's Bearded Guy

Kendra's Scarf Boy

Half Eaten Sandwich

Half Eaten Sandwhich Blazer

Half Eaten Sandwich LoaferUse Your Digits 










Man of the World



Pro-Ject Turntable 

Project Turntable

Klipsch Speakers


Harman Kardon Reciever


Bowers and Wilkins Headphones


Everyday Essentials:




Uniball Pens

Timex Weekender

Timex Weekender

French Press


Toggle Coat

Toggle Coat

Herringbone Gloves


Fox Pajama Pants


Hope this aids in your shopping…

Classically Yours,


10_15_13_Zach Web Quality002My favorite season, if I haven’t stated it before is Fall. It’s a time where the weather is amazing, the colors are beautiful, and I get to layer.  It is also opportunity to bring out one of my favorite shoes… my Bean Boots.  As the weather turns colder, and nastier my beans stand up against all the odds.

10_15_13_Zach Web Quality004I purchased my Bean Boots over four years ago because I got tired of walking in the soaking rain on campus and getting my feet wet.  I read several reviews online and decided that these boots not only fit my style, but would last for years to come.  They have yet to prove me wrong in longevity, comfort and worth.  The wait to receive them was over 6 months because unlike other shoes these are hand made in Maine.  I live the Bean life until my boots decide to bite the dust.

10_15_13_Zach Web Quality017Taking a moment away from my Bean Boots I would like to talk about my layers and what it means to put on all these clothes.  I love being able to have the challenge of putting out multiple clothing items and creating a wide range of not only colors but adding textures to my outfit. In these photos I’m wearing a blue oxford, Ralph Lauren hunting dog tie, tweed vest, and a navy issue wool shirt (which I plan on wearing a lot of in the coming months as both a shirt and jacket). These items will be in continuous use out of my closet as the weather continues to get colder.

10_15_13_Zach Web Quality013Besides my Beans and the layers I wear I love to be able to escape into nature around this time of year.  If it is just a simple walk around my neighborhood, old school campuses, or a hike into the wilderness… I enjoy being outside around this time of year.  The colors of the leaves, the temperature change, and the darkness coming earlier are just a few highlights for me about fall.  Hopefully you enjoy the season as much as I do.

10_15_13_Zach Web Quality003Classically yours,




Classically Yours,


bridge 2

My favorite DIY would have to be my whale sweater, which sparked my interest in recreating my own clothing. The project, like most others I have done, started off very risky, because of the unknown outcome; I had never attempt such a task. The results seemed more flawless than I expected from the pattern I created to the actual process of using a stamp. It withholds a future, in which I see myself creating my own clothing that is uniquely me.

Classically Yours,


IG - Ties


A boy’s voyage into manhood can be described in many ways, but one of the most important a boy must learn is to tie a tie. My father taught me the importance of a tie and its value to a man’s wardrobe. Since then, I have discovered a tie has two purposes: its functionality and stylistic appeal.

 “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life”- Oscar Wilde

Classically Yours,

IG - Gingham (3)


Classically Yours,




Warmer months bring sunny skies, picnics in the park, and admiring all of the beautiful flowers. After Christmas, I obtained this really vibrant orange and navy floral fabric. It reminded me of future months when flowers would be blooming. It also made me think more creatively about what I could do with it.

pants 3


As I was looking on Pinterest, I found this really original pair of pants, in which, the owner had somehow put fabric on the bottom to add a sartorial edge. I was greatly influenced by this idea and took it to my seamstress, Mina. She was very responsive to my idea and had them done in no time.

pants 4

The results of the pants are flawless, as they are exactly what I dreamt of. They embody my style and are current with the season.

Classically Yours,




nanner 1


My fellow gentlemen, we have reached a great moment when guys are able to blast off into the color wheel and find one that truly expresses their feelings about themselves or the season. There is a movement going on in menswear that guys are finally waking up to the idea of color.   Overtime, men have always had a problem wearing color and stick to the safe neutrals and classic blues.

nanner 2


It ‘s a known fact, via my past posts, that I love to wear colored pants.  They really add a fresh style to whatever I am wearing.  They also coordinate with the season and my feelings toward it. When I think of Spring (or as well call it in Missouri: Summer) I think about the sunny weather bringing bright colors, which remind me of catchin’ rays outside and kickin’ it with my friends.

nanner 6


I snatched up these mellow, yellow pants at Red Racks for $6.98 and my tailor Mina brought them in to just the right fit. Target also has a wide range of colors for any gent to choose from, including pink.  Good luck if you so choose the quest of finding the right colored pants. I’ll be sportin’ mine all summa.

nanner 3


Classically Yours,