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As you have probably noticed lately, I haven’t been writing much on the blog.  It’s not that I haven’t been inspired or lacking ideas but just decided to take some time off and really look into myself for this piece I wanted to write to my readers. So, here it goes…

Back in December, I received a phone call from 417 Magazine, a local publication in my area.  I was informed that I was nominated as one of six best-dressed individuals in the City.  I was excited, as this was one of the highest honors that I have ever received. This ‘Best Dressed’ title also came with a chance to walk the Runway at the local event called Fashionation (which was a really fun experience).

All of the exposure from this nomination made me reflect upon what it means to have style and how it makes me feel as an individual.  I can remember growing up, when fashion wasn’t always at the forefront of my individuality. I loved sports, video games, and Batman.  I wore the clothes my parents bought for me every year.  My first real experience with finding what I wanted to wear began in middle school – when you would have seen me pimped out in Tommy Hilfiger and Jncos.

In high school, I began to realize that clothing and style could really show someone’s personality and it would be a factor in how he or she would get noticed. I was what I like to call a “bro” at this point in my life. This is when I started to fit in with trends of scenes like Abercrombie and Hollister.  I wanted to look like preppy, but rugged. I was wearing clothes that looked like they had been worn out.  It wasn’t until the end of my high school era that I shed my “bro-ness” and began thrifting.

College was an eye-opening experience – I saw how lazy people could really dress.  I remember a former co-worker at an old job I had tell me to buy sweatshirts, sweatpants and Adidas runner pants because that’s what people wore in college.

He was totally right, as this was common attire, along with pajama pants, worn by my fellow classmates.  This was when I began to find myself as wanting to make something more out of myself through my wardrobe.

I didn’t want to go to class dressed like I had just rolled out of bed. I wanted to show respect not only for my teachers and classmates but, also for myself. I wanted to dress better and feel good about myself as well.

So, I was thrifting and buying pieces for my wardrobe that I felt were important to me.  I started ironing and laying out my clothes every night, making sure each piece coordinated with the other (which I STILL do).  I got noticed by teachers and classmates and was asked often about where I got my clothes, where I shopped, and how much time I invested in preparing before school.

Since then, fashion has been something I’ve been interested in and has continued to this very day.  Fashion keeps my mind and creativity constantly booming with ideas.  I think one of the best things in life is to find something you are truly interested in and making something out of it be it fashion, music, art, teaching – whatever really makes you feel good.  Hopefully, this allows my readers to think about what is important to them and to not give up on their dreams and what truly makes them happy.

Classically Yours,


Style Blogger

The Style Blogger

In recent years, especially with the ideas of men wearing loafers more often than their tennis shoes, men have been seen going sockless.  Personally, I have always been a fan of this look for many reasons that often recieves grief from others for this style choice.

Here are my reasons:

·      It is a freeing feeling to able to let your feet breathe.

·      It makes a look more sophisticated. (Although, I do love wearing crazy colors in socks.)

·      Back in the day, Preps sported loafers without socks to show rebellion against the traditional look… and I dig that reason.

·      No worries in matching socks with your outfit – because you’re not wearing any!

·      It’s a personal style and not all Gents want to rep it.

Smell is always a dreaded issue raised with going sockless, but there are ways around it. Gold Bond or baby powder to put on your feet, takes care of this problem. Whether you choose to wear socks or not is up to you.  It’s all personal style and that is what’s important.

Classically Yours,




pink shorts 6


This has been a year of evolution. As I have written this blog, I have found who I am and where I want to be. My style and the DIY’s I have done over the last year have helped, in many ways, to contribute to this change. As I stand before my readers and the blogosphere, I am confident in what I have to say and hope it makes a difference.

pink shorts 2


As I have created Independent Gentleman, my intentions were vague, but full of ambition, which fueled to my current status of blogging. In life, I find that each individual must discover something for which they’re passionate and have the ability to convey to others. It’s important for one to find his or her niche.

pink shorts 3

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tresspassin 1

The idea of camo can be associated with the military and hunting. My idea of this material can also be represented in different facets of life, specifically Streetwear. In this type of fashion, there is a certain proclivity toward the representation of the style, in that it can represent one as coming from a background, which harnesses territory.

I like Streetwear because it is very creative and has the ability to use multiple styles and not seem phony. How does camo work for me in my wardrobe? It works because it seems to never fade away and can be used in most things I wear in a unique way.

tresspassin 3


I think the important quality of camo, like most materials, is the presence it brings. Bright colors stand out much like camo. An individual can pair their attire around this focus and make them appear versatile and stylish without seeming as though they’re from a military or an outdoorsman background.

I like to wear these pants not for their most conventional purpose but to show they can be utilized with the style I most represent. People seem to put things together in their minds as being appropriate. I put things together how I want them and feel they look best on me. I feel it is unjust to someone’s style for them to act upon what looks society deems as appropriate. The sole purpose of individual style is for one to find looks that fit them and not to fall into trends that others see as popular. Individuality is key and don’t let others bring you down if they don’t agree with what you’re wearing.


Classically Yours,

letterman 1


In sports, there is always a drive for an athlete to earn their letters, in which he or she puts on a jacket to represent their ability.  I grew up adoring sports and athletes that represented them. The letters mean something more to me now than they did then.

letterman 2


I chose to buy the letters I am wearing on my cardigan as a link to the past and to also reminisce about my upbringing.  The sports I once played and loved remain at the grain of my being. The letters, like various projects I have constructed, are small details, in which I still hold on to and deem important.

Baseball, at one time, was a sport that I adored just as much as tennis. I played my seventh and eighth grade years for a local Park Board league. I had friends who also enjoyed the sport so much, we would play it before and after practice. It was a way for me to not only to have a good time with friends but also gain focus for my future sport of tennis. I say this because baseball, to me, is more so an individual sport than it is a team effort.  I’m not saying that baseball isn’t a team sport, but it made me focus on myself and how I performed on the field as an individual.



Baseball helped shape me for an individual task on and off the field. The pictures here are of the baseball field where I once practiced for hours on end. Setting my feet on the dirt reminded me of those moments in which I spent hours of throwing, hitting, and stealing bases. These are the moments that will never be forgotten and remain in my memory as time well spent.

letterman 4


During the photo shoot, Wezzy (my photographer) and I encountered the obstacle of mud being very thick on the field because of the moisture. Over time, ironically, conditions can somehow hold someone back from reaching toward their goals. A baseball player can be seen as an individual in life, for they are the sole creators of their own destiny. They make choices on the field that produce both positive and negative outcomes.

letterman 5


The conditions a person encounters are unpredictable in life. This is comparable to that of a baseball player during a given game. We give it our all and face the consequences, which, to some degree we have no control. Baseball, to me, has become not only a sport I still adore, but also one that respectfully created the man I am today.

Classically Yours,


In trying to constantly perfect my sewing skills and accessory baggage, I chose to create a new magazine bag. This pouch, unlike my previous attempt of a carryon, this one showcases my abilities at both constructing someone that can carry multiple items, as well as my artistic technique.mag bag 2.0

I chose to use a more durable material for this project that could not only withstand impact from other things in my bag, but also maintain durability and style. As we all know, I love umbrellas and their gentleman-like qualities they’ve possessed throughout time. I purchased a stamp, which embellishes quality, from Jessica Torrant of Green Garden Stamps. Using paint to compliment the color of the navy blue material, I stamped the umbrellas and raindrops from Jessica’s Etsy. It turned out rather nicely and met my expectations for the look and feel I wanted to achieve.

I chose to place the umbrellas upside down because my mother told me that an upside down umbrella means good luck. I would like to add that assorting the pattern in this way makes the pouch very unique to me.

mag bag 2.0 2

This project was very important to me, so rather than blitzing through it, I took my time. The process took over a week, plus waiting for the stamps to arrive in the mail. I originally made the bag to the specifications of fitting both my laptop and magazine. Due to my sewing and measuring, it is more adapted toward my future purchase of an iPad.

Classically Yours,