I am always carrying a magazine.  Magazines, like books are informational and inspiring.  The bad thing about carrying a periodical is that it can get damaged in the bag a person is carrying.  The website ISPYDIY had a project in which she used canvas fabric, felt, and glue to create something to carry her laptop in.  It was with aid from my creative friends Blake, Haley, and Charlie that I used the same idea but modified it slightly to fit the things I read and represent my own individual style.

Here is the instructional video

The results turned out solid. I decided to go to my local thrift store and find an old belt for a buckle and instead of using a ribbon (like the video shows), I used an old tie of mine to create a fastener for my bag.  If you are like me and want a way to carry the things you read and not have them destroyed in your carry-on… this project is for you.

Classically yours,