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In recent years, especially with the ideas of men wearing loafers more often than their tennis shoes, men have been seen going sockless.  Personally, I have always been a fan of this look for many reasons that often recieves grief from others for this style choice.

Here are my reasons:

·      It is a freeing feeling to able to let your feet breathe.

·      It makes a look more sophisticated. (Although, I do love wearing crazy colors in socks.)

·      Back in the day, Preps sported loafers without socks to show rebellion against the traditional look… and I dig that reason.

·      No worries in matching socks with your outfit – because you’re not wearing any!

·      It’s a personal style and not all Gents want to rep it.

Smell is always a dreaded issue raised with going sockless, but there are ways around it. Gold Bond or baby powder to put on your feet, takes care of this problem. Whether you choose to wear socks or not is up to you.  It’s all personal style and that is what’s important.

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Warmer months bring sunny skies, picnics in the park, and admiring all of the beautiful flowers. After Christmas, I obtained this really vibrant orange and navy floral fabric. It reminded me of future months when flowers would be blooming. It also made me think more creatively about what I could do with it.

pants 3


As I was looking on Pinterest, I found this really original pair of pants, in which, the owner had somehow put fabric on the bottom to add a sartorial edge. I was greatly influenced by this idea and took it to my seamstress, Mina. She was very responsive to my idea and had them done in no time.

pants 4

The results of the pants are flawless, as they are exactly what I dreamt of. They embody my style and are current with the season.

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tresspassin 1

The idea of camo can be associated with the military and hunting. My idea of this material can also be represented in different facets of life, specifically Streetwear. In this type of fashion, there is a certain proclivity toward the representation of the style, in that it can represent one as coming from a background, which harnesses territory.

I like Streetwear because it is very creative and has the ability to use multiple styles and not seem phony. How does camo work for me in my wardrobe? It works because it seems to never fade away and can be used in most things I wear in a unique way.

tresspassin 3


I think the important quality of camo, like most materials, is the presence it brings. Bright colors stand out much like camo. An individual can pair their attire around this focus and make them appear versatile and stylish without seeming as though they’re from a military or an outdoorsman background.

I like to wear these pants not for their most conventional purpose but to show they can be utilized with the style I most represent. People seem to put things together in their minds as being appropriate. I put things together how I want them and feel they look best on me. I feel it is unjust to someone’s style for them to act upon what looks society deems as appropriate. The sole purpose of individual style is for one to find looks that fit them and not to fall into trends that others see as popular. Individuality is key and don’t let others bring you down if they don’t agree with what you’re wearing.


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