10_15_13_Zach Web Quality002My favorite season, if I haven’t stated it before is Fall. It’s a time where the weather is amazing, the colors are beautiful, and I get to layer.  It is also opportunity to bring out one of my favorite shoes… my Bean Boots.  As the weather turns colder, and nastier my beans stand up against all the odds.

10_15_13_Zach Web Quality004I purchased my Bean Boots over four years ago because I got tired of walking in the soaking rain on campus and getting my feet wet.  I read several reviews online and decided that these boots not only fit my style, but would last for years to come.  They have yet to prove me wrong in longevity, comfort and worth.  The wait to receive them was over 6 months because unlike other shoes these are hand made in Maine.  I live the Bean life until my boots decide to bite the dust.

10_15_13_Zach Web Quality017Taking a moment away from my Bean Boots I would like to talk about my layers and what it means to put on all these clothes.  I love being able to have the challenge of putting out multiple clothing items and creating a wide range of not only colors but adding textures to my outfit. In these photos I’m wearing a blue oxford, Ralph Lauren hunting dog tie, tweed vest, and a navy issue wool shirt (which I plan on wearing a lot of in the coming months as both a shirt and jacket). These items will be in continuous use out of my closet as the weather continues to get colder.

10_15_13_Zach Web Quality013Besides my Beans and the layers I wear I love to be able to escape into nature around this time of year.  If it is just a simple walk around my neighborhood, old school campuses, or a hike into the wilderness… I enjoy being outside around this time of year.  The colors of the leaves, the temperature change, and the darkness coming earlier are just a few highlights for me about fall.  Hopefully you enjoy the season as much as I do.

10_15_13_Zach Web Quality003Classically yours,