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My fellow gentlemen, we have reached a great moment when guys are able to blast off into the color wheel and find one that truly expresses their feelings about themselves or the season. There is a movement going on in menswear that guys are finally waking up to the idea of color.   Overtime, men have always had a problem wearing color and stick to the safe neutrals and classic blues.

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It ‘s a known fact, via my past posts, that I love to wear colored pants.  They really add a fresh style to whatever I am wearing.  They also coordinate with the season and my feelings toward it. When I think of Spring (or as well call it in Missouri: Summer) I think about the sunny weather bringing bright colors, which remind me of catchin’ rays outside and kickin’ it with my friends.

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I snatched up these mellow, yellow pants at Red Racks for $6.98 and my tailor Mina brought them in to just the right fit. Target also has a wide range of colors for any gent to choose from, including pink.  Good luck if you so choose the quest of finding the right colored pants. I’ll be sportin’ mine all summa.

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Spring, in itself, brings back my memories of school coming to a close and people with a happier disposition because the cold weather begins to vanish.  No longer am I cooped inside to watch the snow fall, and hear the cold whip of the wind (which I do love), but going outside to bask in the greatness of nature.  I love taking walks, running, eating ice cream, and simply enjoying the fantastic weather outside.  I look forward to warmer days but with colder nights that I am able to spend with friends and loved ones. I also enjoy the chance to wear some of my favorite pieces like polos, jean jackets, Sperry’s, chinos and canvas tennis shoes—not to mention bright colors to rep’ the season.

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It one of those seasons where a gentleman is able to still wear things that he has enjoyed over the months and mix it with the bright colors of warmer months.  In the hotter weather, I like to bring out colors like yellow, green, and pink and mix them with others that I have been wearing for some interesting layers.

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This being said – upon my weekly thrifting travels, I found this yellow bag with rope handles—a dope piece that will for the future weeks complement the vibrant colors I plan to wear.  Also, to go along with the bag find, I snatched some rubber stamps during this trip, which I chose to add some depth to the carry-on.  Honestly, like past pieces I have worked on, the stamping was really easy and added some value to an already distinguished piece.

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I find a significance in how some things like this yellow tote may have at one time been something that traveled from ocean to ocean with it’s owner and saw the very depths of their power. Possession of this bag and changing its character has made it into something fresh and able to travel where I may in the world.  There is something to be said for how we take objects as they are or how we construct them into something new for the world to behold.  Remember this the next time you thrift a great piece and cherish it for the shape, color and the unknown history that it brings with it.

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