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My fellow gentlemen, we have reached a great moment when guys are able to blast off into the color wheel and find one that truly expresses their feelings about themselves or the season. There is a movement going on in menswear that guys are finally waking up to the idea of color.   Overtime, men have always had a problem wearing color and stick to the safe neutrals and classic blues.

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It ‘s a known fact, via my past posts, that I love to wear colored pants.  They really add a fresh style to whatever I am wearing.  They also coordinate with the season and my feelings toward it. When I think of Spring (or as well call it in Missouri: Summer) I think about the sunny weather bringing bright colors, which remind me of catchin’ rays outside and kickin’ it with my friends.

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I snatched up these mellow, yellow pants at Red Racks for $6.98 and my tailor Mina brought them in to just the right fit. Target also has a wide range of colors for any gent to choose from, including pink.  Good luck if you so choose the quest of finding the right colored pants. I’ll be sportin’ mine all summa.

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Classically Yours,