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summer bag 1

Spring, in itself, brings back my memories of school coming to a close and people with a happier disposition because the cold weather begins to vanish.  No longer am I cooped inside to watch the snow fall, and hear the cold whip of the wind (which I do love), but going outside to bask in the greatness of nature.  I love taking walks, running, eating ice cream, and simply enjoying the fantastic weather outside.  I look forward to warmer days but with colder nights that I am able to spend with friends and loved ones. I also enjoy the chance to wear some of my favorite pieces like polos, jean jackets, Sperry’s, chinos and canvas tennis shoes—not to mention bright colors to rep’ the season.

summer bag 2

It one of those seasons where a gentleman is able to still wear things that he has enjoyed over the months and mix it with the bright colors of warmer months.  In the hotter weather, I like to bring out colors like yellow, green, and pink and mix them with others that I have been wearing for some interesting layers.

summer bag 3

This being said – upon my weekly thrifting travels, I found this yellow bag with rope handles—a dope piece that will for the future weeks complement the vibrant colors I plan to wear.  Also, to go along with the bag find, I snatched some rubber stamps during this trip, which I chose to add some depth to the carry-on.  Honestly, like past pieces I have worked on, the stamping was really easy and added some value to an already distinguished piece.

summer bag 4

I find a significance in how some things like this yellow tote may have at one time been something that traveled from ocean to ocean with it’s owner and saw the very depths of their power. Possession of this bag and changing its character has made it into something fresh and able to travel where I may in the world.  There is something to be said for how we take objects as they are or how we construct them into something new for the world to behold.  Remember this the next time you thrift a great piece and cherish it for the shape, color and the unknown history that it brings with it.

summer bag 5

summer bag 6

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anchor 4


Anchors are seen to many people as a symbol of the sea. I see the idea of anchor as not only about the ocean, but also as a symbol of stabilization and freedom. The anchor keeps a boat from drifting away, yet lets go of the vessel when it is ready to inhabit a new destination.

anchor 2


The making of this hoodie came from a thrift find and also a pattern, which was obtained from a tote bag. The actual construction of the piece was fairly simple by just cutting out the pattern from maroon suede, which accents the color inside the hood, and sewing it on.  I chose to hand sew it because it takes time and effort with the anchors, which reminds me of how important the symbol is to me.

anchor 3


When I wear this hoodie, I am reminding myself of how I am anchored into who I am, but at the same time, ready to let go into the endless possibilities, which await me later in my life.  Symbol mean different things to everyone, whether its made an impact on your life or its just something that makes you happy.

anchor 5


If you decide to take on such a project like mine, chose a symbol that you’re passionate about and go with it

anchor 6

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watch 1

I always have the issue when having a watch for over consecutive amounts of years in needing a new watchband.  My friend, Jason Hooge, runs his own service via his Etsy store, MadebyHND, which specializes in this type of work.  He creates very handsome, yet manly watchbands that fit any man’s style.

watch 2

I know one of my favorite parts of having a watch is seeing how well it ages as time passes, and more importantly the wear that a band takes.  I love a good weathered-looking band because it makes a timepiece look as it has withstood the test of time.  I feel MadebyHnd represents the looks of an independent gentleman.

watch 3

I appreciate good quality craftsmanship.  Jason, with his brand MadebyHND, creates this with his watchbands and continues to marvel me with his other projects, which I’m sure will be featured in his store some time in the future.

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I believe Design and Art are to be appreciated, rather than for profit. Don’t get me wrong, someone who spends copious amounts of time on their art, should be compensated accordingly. I am preaching for the people who spend their time, passion and effort into their works and not those who capitalize on what is “trendy.”

penguin 1


This brings me to the idea of DIY: I believe this to be an art form, with its purpose to inspire other to create something meaningful and individualistic. I create things to not only serve me, the purpose of knowing I can make something, I do it to inspire other to create things that make them feel distinct.

penguin 3


The penguin jacket, which I am wearing, represents not only me, but also the ideas of DIY that I uphold. I thrifted this jacket with a certain purpose in mind: I wanted it to be something that could be brought to life. The penguin, one of my favorite animals, is the stamp I chose for this project. I believe the penguin symbolizes me. It’s an animal that is driven by the feedback from his colony, meanwhile is capable of being independent.

penguin 2


To achieve this DIY: Have a stamp, paint in your choice of color and textile to make it permanent on clothing.  The process, much like the whale sweater, takes time and patience to perfect. I will also add that painting in with a paintbrush the spots the stamp doesn’t hit.   Good luck to you on this project, if you so choose to do it.

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maine 6


In my travels, especially in Missouri, we’re constantly wearing layers of clothing. These layers are changed about as often as our weather does; in the morning it could be raining and then in the afternoon it’s sunny and 70 degrees.  Before you know it, though, Snowmageddon comes in full guns blazing.

maine 5

What is a gentleman of my position to do with those extra layers when I need to shed them?  I came up with the idea of my wrap, Ty, to hold my jacket, cardigan, gloves or whatever else I use to bear the weather.  This piece can be seen as one of the more valuable accessories in my bag because it’s able to hold the things I am the most fond of.

maine 4


The concept of Ty came from the fabric, which holds an umbrella together. I wanted to make something that would wrap around my clothing to keep it intact, so it would not get wrinkled or messed up. I would describe the process fairly easy: you just measure how much material you need to wrap around the garments. Then, you sew the two pieces of material together. You can decorate it however you like on the outside.  In order to fasten it, I used Velcro to achieve this.

maine 7

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maine 1

In life, we are always thinking of our future destinations. For me, I have idolized the Northeastern Region of the United States.  Its landscapes, the weather and the people have always fascinated me. While creating the bag I am pictured with, I intended on creating the feelings I have for this area.

maine 2

I think it is important to focus on not so much of the past or the present, but the future. We’re constantly creating a path for ourselves, and to some degree, this future is somewhat unknown.  We visualize the things we want and the places we want to go, and are hopeful to reach those goals and destinations.   There’s always the classic saying, it’s the small things in life that count. So creating this bag, i.e. the small thing, is but a large thing in reminding me of what I want my future to become.

maine 3

I feel I am a person who not necessarily goes by impulse, but one who goes on their gut feeling.  So when I found this Maine tote bag, I knew it would be mine.  As far as converting it into a carry-on bag, I find it more valuable than a tote because I constantly carry it in my bag, with the valuables essential to the items I use on a daily basis. I see totes as more of an outfit choice, rather than something used every day. With a carry-on, I know I will be using it everyday. This keeps me focused on my future, rather than my past or even my present.

maine 9

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Hoodies, flip-flops, and high school oriented t-shirts: the average wardrobe of an everyday college student. Someone going to school to better themselves and to gain success in the real world; but, with clothes that embody a feeling of a high school senior who just doesn’t want to give up their Prom 2008 t-shirt.  It’s time to shed those old layers and give into a wardrobe that is current and shows a feeling of someone who is hungry and values their future.


The layers that I wear embody me from the earlier days of college and into my current life.  In my high school days and early college I was seldom seen in nothing but a t-shirt and jeans with an occasional button-up shirt.  I would describe my style at this as being “comfortable.”  I never saw myself as one who would want to diversify or make myself stand out.  As I progressed through college I became less interested in clothing that I felt relaxed and more into fitted. Clothing became to me like my feelings toward music: a way to represent my personality.  I wanted to be seen as a person who cared about the way they looked and one who cared about their future rather than some bro wearing a hoodie because that’s the only clothing he found on the floor after a massive kegger.

The wardrobe I chose was something I felt represented me both individually and intellectually.  I wanted my clothes to fit me correctly and not sloppily.  I saw myself as one who loves design, color, and texture that were representative of myself.   I wanted to stay unique to the standards of menswear I felt were appropriate for me.


The red gingham shirt I am wearing in this post represents a layer of me in my early part of my college career.  An individual sticking to the basics of a simple but yet classic button up that shows one who is eager towards the future but doesn’t let go of the past.  I see gingham as a fabric that has stood the test of time and never wanting to fade.

A cardigan, I feel, is a simple but practical piece to my wardrobe.  It’s simple in how it is constructed but important in how it holds together the shirt I am wearing under it.  This could be seen as representation of my graduation from OTC with an associate’s degree. This piece shows the new layer of one who has two years of college and looking to gain more texture in the couple of years left in college.

college boy 5My tweed jacket can be shown as my mid to finishing portion of college career.  This can be seen as the piece that is representative of a young and future academic; a person who is seeking knowledge and to share it with others around him. I idolize my professors who wear this material. They are intelligent and full of vast amounts of information that set them apart from the real world.

The bowtie is symbolic of my creativity. I see myself currently as one filled with endless amounts of ideas that epitomize everything I am. This is an important layer, in that it sets my individuality apart from others. It makes me stand out.

The last and final layer is my coat. This piece represents the future, and the unknown. I see the coat as a shield and a layer of warmth for the weather, be it good or bad in my later life. A coat is the most important layer of this outfit, in that in covers all of the other parts that have been seen.

college boy 4

I look forward to seeing what my life has to offer now that the biggest and most influential part of my college career is now complete.

Classically Yours,



This month has been filled with many new and great music discoveries. Unlike past years, this month hasn’t always offered a strong amount of good music. This January, however, was jam-packed with many tunes that I see myself listening to for the rest of the year.  Enjoy this playlist.

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Christmas is over – so it was time to create a new Flickr collage to use as my screen saver for my Apple TV. Lately, I have been inspired by the different types of art I have seen around me and on the Internet. Thanks to suggestions by my friends, I was able to compile several different pieces of art that I feel have an impact upon my creative capabilities.

In the pictures I have chosen, I feel they represent my current interests, and me such as: fashion, sports I enjoy, animals and artwork of the abstract kind. I think it is important to look at art as you do with yourself, finding qualities that are deemed pivotal and describe you.  It is like fashion that I see art as a way of representing individuality. The works I have chosen for my Flickr, I feel, represent this idea of individuality and stand out as unique pieces of art. Here is the link to my flickr

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For Christmas last year, I asked my mom for a mannequin. I had the intentions of using the mannequin as a piece of art and also to display the many things I plan on making this year. To make it as a work of art, I was inspired by a mannequin I saw at an antique store that was covered in old newspapers. 



Rather than duplicating that idea, I chose to cover it in old sewing patterns.  I thrifted these patterns at Red Racks – my favorite thrift store in town. Originally, I thought paper mache would be a wise choice used to cover him, but instead, I used Mod Podge.  I found it to hold the material much better.



The process took over five hours with breaks in between. My hands became covered in glue and I constantly had to peel them. Thanks to the help of my editor, Jori, the work wasn’t overbearing. Had I not had her assistance, it probably would have taken much longer than that. I recommend having another person help you with the project, if you choose to make something to this magnitude. Image

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