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The year is over halfway done and I am choosing to take a month break from all my usual social media spots.  Online communities such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook aren’t bad things, but I find that I need a little time away from these types of distractions. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be social outside of my digital self. As I prepare for my future, I see this time away as positive motivation to further my venture into endeavors for the rest of the year and beyond.

Classically Yours,


P.S.  The blog will be under the control of my friends Jori, Blake, Coop, and Tuck – they will add some interesting material to the site. See you soon…




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There is the classic saying “Another year, another age,” but to me with an addition of a year to my age, I see myself continuing to move forward. Being old isn’t the worst thing to me, it brings an understanding of life and the creation of more relationships with others.  I look back at when I turned 21 and the things I wanted – I saw myself as a kid looking forward to finishing college and moving on into a profession that I feel met what I wanted in life.

 Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future— JFK

At 28, graduated college and having the relationship with friends and family I have are fantastic – I couldn’t ask for more. With this said, I see myself always looking toward the future and what I want out of the rest of my life. The inevitable end of twenties is coming. I choose to not fear the end but embrace the idea of growing older and making a life that I have always wanted to create.

I want to thank my readers for keeping up with me this month with my “30 days of posts” endeavor. Hopefully you will continue to visit the blog as I have more great content to post!

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Jori- My editor and one of my best friends. A main part of what fuels my creativity in writing and the DIYs for my blog.  Jori is always there for me, and the blog as it continues to evolve into what it has become today. Also, check out her blog.

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DNGR- He’s the man behind all of the fantastic photos of me.  He is a good friend of mine and helps share a vision through the lens his camera and how I want to present myself to my readers.

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Kendra- She’s the fantastic artist behind my icon (my cat) and my drawing of myself in my About Me section.  She is so creative and very talented with her art and is one of the best people to go to with advice for my projects.  Check out Kendra’s Etsy for her fantastic works.

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Hope- She’s one of the newer parts to my team. Hope is the one who does and will continue work on the design of my blog.  She is a whiz with computers, and is a very creative person who likes making all kinds of handmade goods. Here is her Etsy, Tumblr, and blog.

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At the beginning of the year, I made a dream jar. I made this in hopes of meeting goals for the year that I planned on accomplishing.  As we have reached the halfway mark of 2013, my goals, so far, have come along nicely.

Blog: The blog, as I had planned, is developing into a something I envision it to become.

Education: Since I started the goal of furthering my education, I see myself still at a standstill, but also researching ideas.  I hope to come to some kind of conclusion to my goal by the end of this year.

Running: As we’ve reached the midpoint of the year, my running is becoming more and more involved as my mileage increases. I plan on running a couple of races, including a half marathon before the Bass Pro Shops Marathon in November.

Concerts: In the beginning of the summer, I have already gone to two different shows: The Tallest Man on Earth and Foals. The concerts were great and remind me there are still great ones ahead.

 Here’s cheers to the rest of the year…

Classically Yours,

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This has been a year of evolution. As I have written this blog, I have found who I am and where I want to be. My style and the DIY’s I have done over the last year have helped, in many ways, to contribute to this change. As I stand before my readers and the blogosphere, I am confident in what I have to say and hope it makes a difference.

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As I have created Independent Gentleman, my intentions were vague, but full of ambition, which fueled to my current status of blogging. In life, I find that each individual must discover something for which they’re passionate and have the ability to convey to others. It’s important for one to find his or her niche.

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Pavlov WarholDuring the month of June, I will be doing a few things: celebrating the dawning of Independent Gentleman (just one year ago) as well as the month of my birthday. Each day I will write a post pertaining to the blog and me.  My hope is for my readers to get a better feel for who I am and the direction of the site with each entry.

Classically Yours,