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The Style Blogger

In recent years, especially with the ideas of men wearing loafers more often than their tennis shoes, men have been seen going sockless.  Personally, I have always been a fan of this look for many reasons that often recieves grief from others for this style choice.

Here are my reasons:

·      It is a freeing feeling to able to let your feet breathe.

·      It makes a look more sophisticated. (Although, I do love wearing crazy colors in socks.)

·      Back in the day, Preps sported loafers without socks to show rebellion against the traditional look… and I dig that reason.

·      No worries in matching socks with your outfit – because you’re not wearing any!

·      It’s a personal style and not all Gents want to rep it.

Smell is always a dreaded issue raised with going sockless, but there are ways around it. Gold Bond or baby powder to put on your feet, takes care of this problem. Whether you choose to wear socks or not is up to you.  It’s all personal style and that is what’s important.

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