Jori- My editor and one of my best friends. A main part of what fuels my creativity in writing and the DIYs for my blog.  Jori is always there for me, and the blog as it continues to evolve into what it has become today. Also, check out her blog.

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DNGR- He’s the man behind all of the fantastic photos of me.  He is a good friend of mine and helps share a vision through the lens his camera and how I want to present myself to my readers.

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Kendra- She’s the fantastic artist behind my icon (my cat) and my drawing of myself in my About Me section.  She is so creative and very talented with her art and is one of the best people to go to with advice for my projects.  Check out Kendra’s Etsy for her fantastic works.

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Hope- She’s one of the newer parts to my team. Hope is the one who does and will continue work on the design of my blog.  She is a whiz with computers, and is a very creative person who likes making all kinds of handmade goods. Here is her Etsy, Tumblr, and blog.

Classically Yours,