The Superbowl: America’s Holiday. Over time, people have seen this day as one in which they gather around their TVs, eat copious amounts of food, drink alcohol, and talk about the game and what is happening in their lives. I was once an avid sports fan, but over time, I have grown away from it. 

To me, the Superbowl has now become a celebration of food. While everyone is enjoying the game, commercials, and Halftime Show, I am stuffing my face with everything on the table. I don’t care what the result of the game is, as long as there is those delightful finger foods and calorie-inducing nacho cheese bubbling out of the crockpot.

Instead of giving high fives when my favorite teams scores a touchdown, I am cheering on the amazing cooks and their exquisite dishes. When people are going nuts for that last minute play, I am looking for that last dish that no one has called ‘game’ on. I feel the Superbowl is secretly a competition amongst friends, showing off their diy baking skills. Most will talk about how amazing that game was or how many touchdowns the quarterback threw, or that one bad call that ruined the game. I however, see it as eating from that memorable plate that one of my guests prepared. 

In all seriousness, though, this is an important day for many to enjoy their favorite sport – the great game of football.  I grew up just like everyone else watching athletes perform at their highest potential in the game of all games. I just see the game as something that isn’t necessarily important to me now. I see the Superbowl as more of an event – when we invite our friends over to enjoys the game and each other’s company. 

I hope this day is something you enjoy and are able to experience it with the people who you care for the most.


Classically Yours,