In searching for great music, there are times when a composition truly touches you.  It is just the same when you see a great piece of art, such as Van Gogh’s work, Starry Night; it’s something that’s very special and timeless that cannot rival with any other feeling.  This is how I felt when listening to Rhye’s album Woman.

In the late 1980’s, there was a Neo-Soul Movement – artists such as Sade, made music. I believe Rhye is attempting to recreate this sound. The voice of the lead singer, Michael Milosh, can be described as being similar to Sade, but also I feel he has a soft effects of The Beegee’s. The production, which is produced by Robin Hannibal, has been said to be similar to artists, such as Jessie Ware. Both musicians combined create a very simplistic emotional, smooth crooner-esque landscape.

The XX came out with their first self-titled album in 2009. Since then, there has been no debut, in my opinion, that has matched its eminence. This album by Rhye, a Canadian duo, fills the void the XX created for me. Unlike the XX, which was a work that studied the relationship between a man and a woman, Rhye reaches new ground, which two men compose music to their feelings in a non-alpha male way.  Without overtly expressing dominance, Rhye shows feelings of a male who isn’t looking for just casual sex, but love.

Sometimes there is a voice that can match your feelings toward a given topic. I feel Rhye hits home for me, in regard to the emotions and the overall idea of sex. They have found a gentler and more sincere way of understanding what it is like for a man to struggle with the feelings that occur when he is in love and wants to express it not only verbally, but also physically.

Too often, as a man, in our society we are taught not to express our feelings, especially about love.  Women are seen as subpar and objects, taught to lust over and conquer. Rhye’s music creates a feeling, which expresses men and women as equal in the ideas of both sex and love, in how each being is vulnerable and wants to desires to be the object of another’s affection.

I feel that a person that enjoys the sounds of the xx, inc., Jessie Ware, Kwes,  and James Blake would really like this album.

Classically Yours,