anchor 4


Anchors are seen to many people as a symbol of the sea. I see the idea of anchor as not only about the ocean, but also as a symbol of stabilization and freedom. The anchor keeps a boat from drifting away, yet lets go of the vessel when it is ready to inhabit a new destination.

anchor 2


The making of this hoodie came from a thrift find and also a pattern, which was obtained from a tote bag. The actual construction of the piece was fairly simple by just cutting out the pattern from maroon suede, which accents the color inside the hood, and sewing it on.  I chose to hand sew it because it takes time and effort with the anchors, which reminds me of how important the symbol is to me.

anchor 3


When I wear this hoodie, I am reminding myself of how I am anchored into who I am, but at the same time, ready to let go into the endless possibilities, which await me later in my life.  Symbol mean different things to everyone, whether its made an impact on your life or its just something that makes you happy.

anchor 5


If you decide to take on such a project like mine, chose a symbol that you’re passionate about and go with it

anchor 6

Classically Yours,