Jazz Age


The month of February had some great music and albums that I feel will be in my top list for the year, including My Bloody Valentine’s brilliant MBV. To me, though, the album of the month goes to Bryan Ferry’s Orchestra The Jazz Age. Ferry really took a risk with a concept most have never taken: using great songs created by his band Roxy Music and songs from his solo career, making them sound like a 1920’s jazz album with a big band.

I like when an artist is able to take risks and they pay off.  Most people would see this album as blasphemy, but to me it really recreates and offers to the listener (especially one who has been a fan of Bryan Ferry,) a new way to appreciate the great songs he has created over the years.  Personally, I like to hear new takes on tunes that I have heard many times over the years.  This album is definitely one to enjoy and take in as not only a great jazz album but also one that reconstructs songs from a great catalog for new and old listeners alike. For those who are searching for an album that really reaches toward the soul and makes them happy, this is it.

Classically Yours,