I think everyone, for the most part, has a piece of art they love and cherish.  It was when I really first started to acknowledge and understand art for myself that I was introduced to the painting Water Lilies by Claude Monet.

This painting brings multiple feelings to me, especially happiness.  It truly captures a moment in time when Spring is in bloom and the flowers are truly beautiful.

Art is meaningful to me for many reasons. Mainly because it allows one to take away the problems in his or her lives for a moment and focus on a great piece that an artist has produced.  This is how I felt when I actually saw Water Lilies in person. It truly takes your breath away and makes you realize that art has a purpose beyond just something stuck on a wall.  It consumes your feelings and emotions for the matter of seconds you look at it and makes you reimagine yourself in it.

I imagine myself walking next to a small pond and seeing the lilies as they hang above the water, soaking in the sun.  I would imagine Monet saw a meaning similar to mine, perhaps, of a work that invokes a person to immerse in nature and appreciate the great things that it does for a person, how it makes us appreciate beauty and how it is created.

 Classically Yours,