Top 20 Memories of my Elementary School Experience

1.     Friends I made

2.     My Teachers

3.     Recess

4.     Pizza Parties

5.     Having Milk money to drink it in class

6.     Reading in the library

7.     Oregon Trial

8.     Sock Hop

9.     P.E.

10. No pressure to learn

11. Art class

12. Music class

13. D.A.R.E.

14. Making Oreo Turkeys for Thanksgiving

15. Writing love letters

16. Shape Ups

17. Nap time

18. Singing in choir

19. School Plays

20. Celebrating my friends birthdays in class.


I have found that over time, one of the greatest experiences I remember having in life was my elementary years at Delaware.  I learned so many things that would help further my education. I made good friends and learned the overall importance of being a student that could work well independently and with groups.

A good school experience, especially when you’re younger, can help shape your outlook on education.  I remember the end of my fifth grade year and feeling mixed emotions about moving on to middle school.  My elementary education helped to form me into one who was ready for the obstacles of junior high and the feelings that came with it.  My teachers at Delaware strived to make every student feel comfortable and focused.

I feel very fortunate to have been a student of this elementary school because unlike other schools,  Delaware had a special education program unlike any other in the district, in which students were able to help kids with disabilities.  This made my outlook on education that much stronger.  As like others in my class, we became both friends and teachers to those who were learning on a different level.

Elementary school was my favorite, above all levels of education I have completed.  The school slogan “Love is spoken here” remained true as I never was pressured or felt uncomfortable. I felt that Delaware gave me a good start at being the man I grew up to be and continue to become.

Classically Yours,