Beach House

In 2009, I listened to a song that forever changed my perception of how a great song could be created. This song was so infectious and so catchy.  The band Beach House really captured my feelings both inside and outside of my college life. For someone who is seeking answers swimming through an ocean of possibilities, “Norway” is truly representative of these feelings:

Hang on to the things that you’re supposed to say
Millions of stars; they open to your fate

This song was stuck in my head until the album Teen Dream dropped. It was perfect from beginning to end, starting with the somber but uplifting  “Zebra” and closing out with the song “Take Care.”

To this day, it remains as the album I feel explains not only me, but also my search for what I choose to be in life. It shows a world where dreams are not just dreams; they can, in fact, be made into something real. Teen Dream is a true inspiration for those seeking that thing, whatever it may be, that he or she may not see as possible.  This album stands amongst other as my favorite and is one that is and always will be a constant spin in my music collection.

Classically Yours,