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1. Tennis- “Dimming Light”

2. Bob Dylan- “Farewell”

3. The Range- “Seneca”

4. The Beatles- “I Saw Her Standing There”

5. Oneohtrix Point Never- “Chrome Country”

6. John Abercrombie- “39 Steps”

7. GHOSTGOTH- “The Girl is Safe”

8. David Bowie- “Love is Lost” (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)

9. Cut Copy- “We are the Explorers”

10. Black Milk- “Sundays Best”

11. Creep- “Days” ft. Romy Madley Croft from the XX

12. Sky Ferreria- “Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Ok)”

13. Diane Birch- “Pretty in Pain”

14. Maria Taylor- “Tunnel Vision”

15. Warpaint- “Love is to Die”

16. Widowspeak- “Calico”

17. Blood Orange- “You’re Not Good Enough”

18. Anoushka Shankar ft. Norah Jones – “The Sun Won’t Set”

19. Midlake- “Provider”

20. Title Fight- “Be a Toy”

Classically Yours,



So, my playlist for the month of March, much like the weather here in Missouri, is very random and unexpected. The music I chose was all over the place, as I seemed to find myself listening to more than one genre this month – everything from Justin Timberlake to David Bowie and the soft piano of Nils Frahm. How better to fit a spontaneous of weather and my feels toward it with a playlist that represents it? I would also like to mention this month’s artwork is a pre-game for the future months.  I, like Paddington, will be wearing my raincoat and wellingtons, with the expectation of rain, which will later produce beautiful flowers for shortly thereafter.


1. Josh Rouse- Happiness Waltz

2. Rachel Zeffira-To Here Knows When

3. Little Green Cars- The John Wayne

4. Nils Frahm- You

5. Justin Timberlake- Tunnel Vision

6. Depeche Mode- Welcome to my World

7. Giraffage- All that Matters

8. 40 Winks- Outside the Box

9. Matt Costa- Loving You

10. Next Collective- Marvin’s Room

11. Alice Smith- Another Love

12.Boy- Little Numbers

13. Ghost Loft- Seconds

14. Rodriguez- Sugar Man

15. Kate Boy- Northern Lights

16. Wild Belle- Keep You

17. Fear of Men- Seer

18. Drake- 5am in Toronto

19. Blue Hawaii- Try to be

20. David Bowie- Where are we Now

21. Madeline Peyroux- Take these Chains from my Heart

22. Rhye- The Fall

23. Josh Ritter- Evil Eye

24. Shout Out Louds- Sugar

25. Phosphorescent- Sun, Arise! (An Invocation, an introduction)

26. Benoit Pioulard- Litiya

27. Gummybear- Sakura

28. The Men- Half Angel, Half Light

29. CHVRCHES- Recover

30. How to Destroy Angels- Iceage

31. Torres- November Baby

32. Golden Grrrls- Date It

33. J. Dilla- Time: The Doughnut of the Heart

34. Low- Plastic Cup

Classically Yours,


Jazz Age


The month of February had some great music and albums that I feel will be in my top list for the year, including My Bloody Valentine’s brilliant MBV. To me, though, the album of the month goes to Bryan Ferry’s Orchestra The Jazz Age. Ferry really took a risk with a concept most have never taken: using great songs created by his band Roxy Music and songs from his solo career, making them sound like a 1920’s jazz album with a big band.

I like when an artist is able to take risks and they pay off.  Most people would see this album as blasphemy, but to me it really recreates and offers to the listener (especially one who has been a fan of Bryan Ferry,) a new way to appreciate the great songs he has created over the years.  Personally, I like to hear new takes on tunes that I have heard many times over the years.  This album is definitely one to enjoy and take in as not only a great jazz album but also one that reconstructs songs from a great catalog for new and old listeners alike. For those who are searching for an album that really reaches toward the soul and makes them happy, this is it.

Classically Yours,


When I think of New Years, I envision people laughing, drinking champagne and dancing to jazz standards.  This is what I tried to capture with this playlist. Enjoy, and have a happy and safe New Years.

Classically Yours,