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At the beginning of the year, I made a dream jar. I made this in hopes of meeting goals for the year that I planned on accomplishing.  As we have reached the halfway mark of 2013, my goals, so far, have come along nicely.

Blog: The blog, as I had planned, is developing into a something I envision it to become.

Education: Since I started the goal of furthering my education, I see myself still at a standstill, but also researching ideas.  I hope to come to some kind of conclusion to my goal by the end of this year.

Running: As we’ve reached the midpoint of the year, my running is becoming more and more involved as my mileage increases. I plan on running a couple of races, including a half marathon before the Bass Pro Shops Marathon in November.

Concerts: In the beginning of the summer, I have already gone to two different shows: The Tallest Man on Earth and Foals. The concerts were great and remind me there are still great ones ahead.

 Here’s cheers to the rest of the year…

Classically Yours,