watch 1

I always have the issue when having a watch for over consecutive amounts of years in needing a new watchband.  My friend, Jason Hooge, runs his own service via his Etsy store, MadebyHND, which specializes in this type of work.  He creates very handsome, yet manly watchbands that fit any man’s style.

watch 2

I know one of my favorite parts of having a watch is seeing how well it ages as time passes, and more importantly the wear that a band takes.  I love a good weathered-looking band because it makes a timepiece look as it has withstood the test of time.  I feel MadebyHnd represents the looks of an independent gentleman.

watch 3

I appreciate good quality craftsmanship.  Jason, with his brand MadebyHND, creates this with his watchbands and continues to marvel me with his other projects, which I’m sure will be featured in his store some time in the future.

Classically Yours,