I find my personal values to be an important part of who I am. Growing up, I began to understand the world and my friends surrounding me.  I saw myself as different than others during my late elementary school years and into high school.  I saw others making choices that I didn’t make; thus, I began my own set values.

In middle school, my friends were experimenting with drugs and alcohol – a choice I have never made because I want to experience more in life than substances that are made to “enhance” your feelings. I have never drank or done drugs in my life because I don’t see the what purpose it serves in the life I live.

It is simply an individual choice as to whether or not you participate in such activity.  I like being free of such vices – they’re not things I need or want in my life.

To be individual from others, one must take steps away sometimes (even if it makes them feel unwanted).  Being a man is about making choices and facing the consequences. People may give a person grief for their choices but it always comes down to the individual not the group.   Being drug and alcohol free all my life has given me great experiences that I can remember and share with others.

Classically Yours,