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It was three years ago, that I saw this band, who truly captured all the feelings I had about them since hearing their debut. Vampire Weekend is one of my favorite bands because of their collegian attitude and style with their music, which still remains relevant.

Their debut showed me a group of guys who were experiencing college life and the environment that comes with it. VW’s debut was very energetic and focused on lyrics that an English major, like myself at the time, could understand. These things include: “Oxford comma” and having to read things that can sometimes be very dull.

Modern Vampires of the City displays VW no longer as freshmen college students, but as mature men who have grown up and are looking toward the future. This can be shown in both the music and the lyrics.

The song “Step,” in particular, exhibits these qualities as Ezra Koenig sings about a love he has for a girl and is looking forward to spending time with her:

The gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out.
What you on about?
I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my bones
I’m stronger now, I’m ready for the house
Such a modest mouse, I can’t do it alone, I can’t do it alone
Every time I see you in the world, you always step to my girl.

The music in the first album can be heard as vastly different than any other bands from their time. VW incorporated classic indie rock sounds with an Afro-Cuban beat. This remains in the most recent release, but with more orchestration.

I see this album as not only VW’s best, but also my favorite of their records. A band who has stood through all three releases solid and helped me through my college career and looking forward to the future as a man.

Classically Yours,



Hoodies, flip-flops, and high school oriented t-shirts: the average wardrobe of an everyday college student. Someone going to school to better themselves and to gain success in the real world; but, with clothes that embody a feeling of a high school senior who just doesn’t want to give up their Prom 2008 t-shirt.  It’s time to shed those old layers and give into a wardrobe that is current and shows a feeling of someone who is hungry and values their future.


The layers that I wear embody me from the earlier days of college and into my current life.  In my high school days and early college I was seldom seen in nothing but a t-shirt and jeans with an occasional button-up shirt.  I would describe my style at this as being “comfortable.”  I never saw myself as one who would want to diversify or make myself stand out.  As I progressed through college I became less interested in clothing that I felt relaxed and more into fitted. Clothing became to me like my feelings toward music: a way to represent my personality.  I wanted to be seen as a person who cared about the way they looked and one who cared about their future rather than some bro wearing a hoodie because that’s the only clothing he found on the floor after a massive kegger.

The wardrobe I chose was something I felt represented me both individually and intellectually.  I wanted my clothes to fit me correctly and not sloppily.  I saw myself as one who loves design, color, and texture that were representative of myself.   I wanted to stay unique to the standards of menswear I felt were appropriate for me.


The red gingham shirt I am wearing in this post represents a layer of me in my early part of my college career.  An individual sticking to the basics of a simple but yet classic button up that shows one who is eager towards the future but doesn’t let go of the past.  I see gingham as a fabric that has stood the test of time and never wanting to fade.

A cardigan, I feel, is a simple but practical piece to my wardrobe.  It’s simple in how it is constructed but important in how it holds together the shirt I am wearing under it.  This could be seen as representation of my graduation from OTC with an associate’s degree. This piece shows the new layer of one who has two years of college and looking to gain more texture in the couple of years left in college.

college boy 5My tweed jacket can be shown as my mid to finishing portion of college career.  This can be seen as the piece that is representative of a young and future academic; a person who is seeking knowledge and to share it with others around him. I idolize my professors who wear this material. They are intelligent and full of vast amounts of information that set them apart from the real world.

The bowtie is symbolic of my creativity. I see myself currently as one filled with endless amounts of ideas that epitomize everything I am. This is an important layer, in that it sets my individuality apart from others. It makes me stand out.

The last and final layer is my coat. This piece represents the future, and the unknown. I see the coat as a shield and a layer of warmth for the weather, be it good or bad in my later life. A coat is the most important layer of this outfit, in that in covers all of the other parts that have been seen.

college boy 4

I look forward to seeing what my life has to offer now that the biggest and most influential part of my college career is now complete.

Classically Yours,





This playlist is the soundtrack of my college years. Each of these songs in some way or another stood out as important songs left an impact on me during this time of my life. Most of the tunes could be heard through my earbuds before and after class.Not only did they get me through classes, but it got me through the trials that I faced while in college.

I believe it’s important to look back and focus on the songs that influenced me during this time because they, in part, assisted with how I remember each key moment in my college life.

Lately, I have thought more and more about my future, in regard to my education. With that said, I hope to further my academic career, in hopes of one day become a teacher. This playlist is a reminder of the past and what to look forward to in the future.

Link to the playlist:   College

Classically Yours,