Little Zach

I have gained an appreciation for my childhood and life experiences; I feel this is an important aspect I have discovered about myself while writing this blog.  With these moments, I feel I have gained ground and they have shaped me into the man I am today. I feel that it is important to show respect to those who have contributed to my well-being.

One of my favorite bands, The Walkmen, released Heaven, which expresses pure sentimentality.  I feel the words are not only important to the band, , but also to me, as I am constantly reminiscing about my past and its significance in forming my perspective on life.

“Our children will always hear

Romantic tales of distant years

Our guilty age may come and go

Our crooked dreams will always flow…”


These lyrics embody a feeling of something lost and found again. Growing up, you’re not as prone to understanding life and its surroundings, but when you grow older, you’re keener to these details. The Walkmen, I feel, stress this idea in this and other songs on the entire album.

It is also strategically displayed in the pictures on the album. There is a very distinct sense of tradition and the values in which the band upholds. I remember hearing this song for the first time, and thinking to myself that there was a band out there that treasured their past. It isn’t something I am able to feel with most of the artists I listen to, and I really respect their sentiments.

What does all of this mean? In reference to the weekly throwback photos on Instagram, which are seen by many through hashtags, it is the passionate longing for time to stand still: love and romance, in its purest form. I say romance, meaning not the traditional idea of two people in complete infatuation with one another; rather, a person who longs for the love they had for a time in his or her life when things were simple. A time when things made sense.

My childhood was nothing but fulfilling. I give all my credit to my wonderful parents who stopped at nothing that I experienced everything a child needed to succeed. I had no problems, ever, talking to my parents about the sometimes confusing and adventurous life of being a kid. Mom and Dad always felt that my life with them and outside of our home life was important in searching and creating the future me.

The picture I have included in this post shows the exuding happiness I felt growing up. I was four-years-old when this photo was taken. Guessing by the style of my clothes and the figure that was none other than Chester Cheetah, it was totally the 80s. I look at this picture and can’t think of anything but the happy times I experience early on in my childhood.

Take my thoughts on childhood and cherish those moments as I have, for they are the ones that may seem lost, but when looking at a photo, become fresh in your mind and seems like it was only yesterday.


Classically Yours,