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Objects are important to our everyday lives, no matter what their function.  Mike Silver, who goes by the alias CFCF, tries to bring music to everyday essentials that we take for granted on his newest and strongest album yet, Music for Objects.

In 2012, CFCF released the beautiful and sophisticated work Exercises. It really hit at the heart of the life of a person in a year during each turning season and the feelings that one conveys.  It was very piano driven and focused on Silver’s skills as a composer. Silver again creates something focused on his skills as a classical musician with this current album.

The most interesting part of Music for Objects is how vast and wonderful each song can be simply named by everyday objects such as “Glass,” “Bowl,” and “Lamp.”  One could come up words that are deeper and more sophisticated to describe each track, but Silver likes the listener to not focus on the song titles; rather, he wants them to focus on the feeling of the music.

This album is more than just the music. It shows the complexity of everyday things that we take for granted.   Silver sees objects and creates masterful Philip Glass-esque landscapes that invoke many feelings of desperation, optimism, and even sadness.  The track that is worth listening to is  “Camera” – a true builder that starts off slow and becomes something so refreshing and uplifting.

Check this album out if you are looking for something to meditate to or focus on the world around you.  This is one of the best albums this year.

Classically Yours,



Boards of Canada

·      First album in over 7 years.

·      The marketing plan for this album started with a random Record Store Day “12” that eventually sold on eBay for $5,700.

·      The duo streamed the album live in the desert a week before the actual release.

The artwork for the new Boards of Canada is a a landscape for the new album… A gentle morning fog that consumes one’s mind. BOC has been known to make albums that, I feel, create a mellow and sophisticated atmosphere that is very unforgettable.  It’s been seven years since The Campfire Headphase, and I believe they have created another masterpiece with their newest album.

The album Music Has the Right To Children was the opening to this very futuristic and well developed electronic duo.  Since then, I dwelled into their small but perfected catalog of music, making me yearn for more.  BOC had a fantastic maketing plan this year, which made it possible for the public to get their hands on this magnificent record, Tomorrow’s Harvest.

This album is a good mix of BOC and the eeriness of a John Carpenter score.  It’s a record that you want to listen to during a long car ride with beautiful scenery, but with overcast skies.  To me, this record was exactly what I was looking for – not too weird but enough to keep my mind creatively thinking about how BOC was able to achieve the strange and post-apocalyptic movie type sounds that I have always been so fond of them making.  The song “Reach for the Dead” describes this type of music the duo has been creating for over a decade.

I am in love with this record and glad to finally hold it in my hands and proclaim to the world “Finally! BOC put out a new album and it rules!”

Classically Yours,