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summer bag 1

Spring, in itself, brings back my memories of school coming to a close and people with a happier disposition because the cold weather begins to vanish.  No longer am I cooped inside to watch the snow fall, and hear the cold whip of the wind (which I do love), but going outside to bask in the greatness of nature.  I love taking walks, running, eating ice cream, and simply enjoying the fantastic weather outside.  I look forward to warmer days but with colder nights that I am able to spend with friends and loved ones. I also enjoy the chance to wear some of my favorite pieces like polos, jean jackets, Sperry’s, chinos and canvas tennis shoes—not to mention bright colors to rep’ the season.

summer bag 2

It one of those seasons where a gentleman is able to still wear things that he has enjoyed over the months and mix it with the bright colors of warmer months.  In the hotter weather, I like to bring out colors like yellow, green, and pink and mix them with others that I have been wearing for some interesting layers.

summer bag 3

This being said – upon my weekly thrifting travels, I found this yellow bag with rope handles—a dope piece that will for the future weeks complement the vibrant colors I plan to wear.  Also, to go along with the bag find, I snatched some rubber stamps during this trip, which I chose to add some depth to the carry-on.  Honestly, like past pieces I have worked on, the stamping was really easy and added some value to an already distinguished piece.

summer bag 4

I find a significance in how some things like this yellow tote may have at one time been something that traveled from ocean to ocean with it’s owner and saw the very depths of their power. Possession of this bag and changing its character has made it into something fresh and able to travel where I may in the world.  There is something to be said for how we take objects as they are or how we construct them into something new for the world to behold.  Remember this the next time you thrift a great piece and cherish it for the shape, color and the unknown history that it brings with it.

summer bag 5

summer bag 6

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tresspassin 1

The idea of camo can be associated with the military and hunting. My idea of this material can also be represented in different facets of life, specifically Streetwear. In this type of fashion, there is a certain proclivity toward the representation of the style, in that it can represent one as coming from a background, which harnesses territory.

I like Streetwear because it is very creative and has the ability to use multiple styles and not seem phony. How does camo work for me in my wardrobe? It works because it seems to never fade away and can be used in most things I wear in a unique way.

tresspassin 3


I think the important quality of camo, like most materials, is the presence it brings. Bright colors stand out much like camo. An individual can pair their attire around this focus and make them appear versatile and stylish without seeming as though they’re from a military or an outdoorsman background.

I like to wear these pants not for their most conventional purpose but to show they can be utilized with the style I most represent. People seem to put things together in their minds as being appropriate. I put things together how I want them and feel they look best on me. I feel it is unjust to someone’s style for them to act upon what looks society deems as appropriate. The sole purpose of individual style is for one to find looks that fit them and not to fall into trends that others see as popular. Individuality is key and don’t let others bring you down if they don’t agree with what you’re wearing.


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letterman 1


In sports, there is always a drive for an athlete to earn their letters, in which he or she puts on a jacket to represent their ability.  I grew up adoring sports and athletes that represented them. The letters mean something more to me now than they did then.

letterman 2


I chose to buy the letters I am wearing on my cardigan as a link to the past and to also reminisce about my upbringing.  The sports I once played and loved remain at the grain of my being. The letters, like various projects I have constructed, are small details, in which I still hold on to and deem important.

Baseball, at one time, was a sport that I adored just as much as tennis. I played my seventh and eighth grade years for a local Park Board league. I had friends who also enjoyed the sport so much, we would play it before and after practice. It was a way for me to not only to have a good time with friends but also gain focus for my future sport of tennis. I say this because baseball, to me, is more so an individual sport than it is a team effort.  I’m not saying that baseball isn’t a team sport, but it made me focus on myself and how I performed on the field as an individual.



Baseball helped shape me for an individual task on and off the field. The pictures here are of the baseball field where I once practiced for hours on end. Setting my feet on the dirt reminded me of those moments in which I spent hours of throwing, hitting, and stealing bases. These are the moments that will never be forgotten and remain in my memory as time well spent.

letterman 4


During the photo shoot, Wezzy (my photographer) and I encountered the obstacle of mud being very thick on the field because of the moisture. Over time, ironically, conditions can somehow hold someone back from reaching toward their goals. A baseball player can be seen as an individual in life, for they are the sole creators of their own destiny. They make choices on the field that produce both positive and negative outcomes.

letterman 5


The conditions a person encounters are unpredictable in life. This is comparable to that of a baseball player during a given game. We give it our all and face the consequences, which, to some degree we have no control. Baseball, to me, has become not only a sport I still adore, but also one that respectfully created the man I am today.

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paint pants 1

In a lot of my projects lately, I have focused my creativity with different mediums, such as painting and drawing. My love of art, specifically, painting, I feel comes from a family influence from my Great Aunt June. I remember her most for her landscape paintings, but also for the Michelangelo necklace she painted for me.  It is with her inspiration, plus my drive toward creativity that I constructed these pants.

paint pants 2

These splatter pants come from not only my familial inspiration, but also from the style bloggers Unabashedly Prep and Thread and Salt. They created and wore pieces that showed the splattering effect that I also used for these.

The pants, in essence, are what I would deem my creative side. The pants involve several different colors in various strokes. This shows the copious amounts of ideas I have and use to craft things that resemble me. I also want to point out the column in this picture – this signifies how found I am in my beliefs and ideals, but I am able to think abstractly about the world.paint pants 3

The process in making these splatter pants was very similar to my paint bag, in which I used the same style. It’s fairly easy to create these. The hard part, you might say, is how you wear these pants. I use a fairly dominant color to mute the boldness of the piece, such as the red sweater.  Good luck, if you so choose to create these pants, or any other garment you so desire.

paint pants 4

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anchor 4


Anchors are seen to many people as a symbol of the sea. I see the idea of anchor as not only about the ocean, but also as a symbol of stabilization and freedom. The anchor keeps a boat from drifting away, yet lets go of the vessel when it is ready to inhabit a new destination.

anchor 2


The making of this hoodie came from a thrift find and also a pattern, which was obtained from a tote bag. The actual construction of the piece was fairly simple by just cutting out the pattern from maroon suede, which accents the color inside the hood, and sewing it on.  I chose to hand sew it because it takes time and effort with the anchors, which reminds me of how important the symbol is to me.

anchor 3


When I wear this hoodie, I am reminding myself of how I am anchored into who I am, but at the same time, ready to let go into the endless possibilities, which await me later in my life.  Symbol mean different things to everyone, whether its made an impact on your life or its just something that makes you happy.

anchor 5


If you decide to take on such a project like mine, chose a symbol that you’re passionate about and go with it

anchor 6

Classically Yours,


watch 1

I always have the issue when having a watch for over consecutive amounts of years in needing a new watchband.  My friend, Jason Hooge, runs his own service via his Etsy store, MadebyHND, which specializes in this type of work.  He creates very handsome, yet manly watchbands that fit any man’s style.

watch 2

I know one of my favorite parts of having a watch is seeing how well it ages as time passes, and more importantly the wear that a band takes.  I love a good weathered-looking band because it makes a timepiece look as it has withstood the test of time.  I feel MadebyHnd represents the looks of an independent gentleman.

watch 3

I appreciate good quality craftsmanship.  Jason, with his brand MadebyHND, creates this with his watchbands and continues to marvel me with his other projects, which I’m sure will be featured in his store some time in the future.

Classically Yours,



Hoodies, flip-flops, and high school oriented t-shirts: the average wardrobe of an everyday college student. Someone going to school to better themselves and to gain success in the real world; but, with clothes that embody a feeling of a high school senior who just doesn’t want to give up their Prom 2008 t-shirt.  It’s time to shed those old layers and give into a wardrobe that is current and shows a feeling of someone who is hungry and values their future.


The layers that I wear embody me from the earlier days of college and into my current life.  In my high school days and early college I was seldom seen in nothing but a t-shirt and jeans with an occasional button-up shirt.  I would describe my style at this as being “comfortable.”  I never saw myself as one who would want to diversify or make myself stand out.  As I progressed through college I became less interested in clothing that I felt relaxed and more into fitted. Clothing became to me like my feelings toward music: a way to represent my personality.  I wanted to be seen as a person who cared about the way they looked and one who cared about their future rather than some bro wearing a hoodie because that’s the only clothing he found on the floor after a massive kegger.

The wardrobe I chose was something I felt represented me both individually and intellectually.  I wanted my clothes to fit me correctly and not sloppily.  I saw myself as one who loves design, color, and texture that were representative of myself.   I wanted to stay unique to the standards of menswear I felt were appropriate for me.


The red gingham shirt I am wearing in this post represents a layer of me in my early part of my college career.  An individual sticking to the basics of a simple but yet classic button up that shows one who is eager towards the future but doesn’t let go of the past.  I see gingham as a fabric that has stood the test of time and never wanting to fade.

A cardigan, I feel, is a simple but practical piece to my wardrobe.  It’s simple in how it is constructed but important in how it holds together the shirt I am wearing under it.  This could be seen as representation of my graduation from OTC with an associate’s degree. This piece shows the new layer of one who has two years of college and looking to gain more texture in the couple of years left in college.

college boy 5My tweed jacket can be shown as my mid to finishing portion of college career.  This can be seen as the piece that is representative of a young and future academic; a person who is seeking knowledge and to share it with others around him. I idolize my professors who wear this material. They are intelligent and full of vast amounts of information that set them apart from the real world.

The bowtie is symbolic of my creativity. I see myself currently as one filled with endless amounts of ideas that epitomize everything I am. This is an important layer, in that it sets my individuality apart from others. It makes me stand out.

The last and final layer is my coat. This piece represents the future, and the unknown. I see the coat as a shield and a layer of warmth for the weather, be it good or bad in my later life. A coat is the most important layer of this outfit, in that in covers all of the other parts that have been seen.

college boy 4

I look forward to seeing what my life has to offer now that the biggest and most influential part of my college career is now complete.

Classically Yours,



coat 2

I have always been a big fan of bags and coats. This coat in particular, I found while thrifting at Red Racks. Growing up, I always had a fascination with not only jackets, but also coats that I would see an older man wearing. As I have become a thrifter, my sights are more prone to finding interesting coats with different fabrics and patterns.  The coat pictured, is one that is very unique, in that it’s double-breasted.  It also is camel-colored, which is not as common in menswear.

coat 1

Due to my abundant collection of coats, I have chosen to give each of them names. This one, being that I found it with my friend, I decided to give it his name, Charles. The coat doesn’t necessarily personify Charlie, but he was present when I bought the coat. I feel like the name Charles, in essence, exemplifies a man who takes risks and is not afraid to stand out. ‘Charles’ showcases the quality in color, age, and sophistication.

coat 3

In sifting through various coats, this one grabbed my attention almost instantly. The cut, the buttons and the style had a sophisticated appeal that could only add to my wardrobe. It reminded me of a coat Cary Grant would have worn in one of his movies. It also had a very distinct European look to it with shoulder loops. The buttons have an aged look about them. This is one of my favorite parts about this coat.

Most guys see a coat for one purpose: to provide warmth on the coldest of days. I see them, though, as something that serves not only for its conventional purpose, but for the style, in which exemplifies my personal taste.

coat 4

In searching for your own Charles, try to emulate your style. Keep a mental image of a style that you favor, in that it will make your search and find much greater. Remember that coats, like a person, have unique qualities, so you may, like myself, give them a name that personifies their attributes.

Classically Yours,


scarf 6When it becomes colder outside every gentleman is looking for something to keep themselves warm.  A scarf is just the thing that adds the extra warmth and color to what we men are wearing.  Personally, I like to have different textures and patterns in the scarves I wear to keep diversity in the wardrobe I have. Over time, I have acquired many different pieces, but this year I decided to make my own.

scarf 1

Polka dots and floral prints are stereotypically a women’s wear pattern, until the last couple of years.  Guys are starting to wear both of these designs in more ways than one.  I have seen men wear these prints in shirts, pants, and even ties.  I thought I would embrace this trend, so I visited my local fabric store. It wasn’t a simple task, since I am still novice to sewing. I thought it would be a good way to gain more experience with the machine. The time spent on the project was a matter of a couple days, but the results were flawless.

scarf 2.0 2

I like to wear scarves both for functionality and style; they really add a precise look to what I am wearing and they make the outfit stand out.  I feel like that creating these pieces not only is an addition to my wardrobe, but something I could look back on and say that “I made these.”  I feel this is an important part in not only understanding my own style, but feeling out my creative energies.  Creating something from scratch can be both hard and rewarding at the same time.

scarf 2.0 1

Classically Yours,


When the days start getting colder and the leaves are changing, I look for a simple piece that adds some texture to my outfit.  The jean jacket stands out as something that is both classic and modern to any man’s closet.  What I enjoy the most about it, especially in the fall, is that it can be used a layering piece. It can be worn over a button up, t-shirt or even a sweater.

Jean jackets have been around for many generations and have been worn by many types of subcultures, including greasers, hippies, punks, and preps in the 80’s. Today, jean jackets are worn in a variety of ways. I prefer to wear mine almost like a sport jacket with a button-up, chinos, and a pocket square to add a bit of flair. The timelessness of the jean jacket is the coolest part about this fashion piece.

This Levi’s jean jacket I am wearing was handed down to me by a friend, whose father once wore it in the 1960’s.  His father wore it a lot and was really proud of it. He would wear it on dates with his wife driving his ’63 Chevy impala and on his ’48 Harley Davidson (during his greaser phase). It’s stood the test of time in both durability and functionality.  The color is deep, dark denim, which compliments the lighter colors and the varying of textures I wear in my wardrobe.  I can’t wait for the day when I am able to hand this down to my son. I hope he will keep the tradition alive and appreciate the richness and history of the jacket.

Classically Yours,