Phase 1 – Complete! The always-social Independent Gentleman has officially surpassed the initial withdrawal period, going without social media of any kind. See?

image.pngimage-1 It’s been four days, and ZRH has successfully gone without the ideal Insta images and the timely Tweets.

Hey y’all, this is Jori – I have served as an editor for my cousins blog since the very beginning, and I hope you have enjoyed reading IG as much as he has enjoyed writing it.   ZRH really puts a lot of thought into everything revolving around the blog. He wants you to enjoy it so much you come back time and time again.

So much of what we do in our society today revolves around social media, I mean, how many people do you know that don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc? There are a number of people who don’t, but those who do participate far outweigh them.  Many of us find that our time every day is consumed with social media – I know mine is.

I think this is where the IG’s thoughts were too. I applaud him for challenging himself to do this – to concentrate on things he deems important and reach for the goals he sets for himself not just in the short term, but in the long terms as well.

I will close for now, but stay tuned in the next few weeks for some of ZRH’s other best friends who have agreed to guest write on his behalf.

– Jori –