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I find my personal values to be an important part of who I am. Growing up, I began to understand the world and my friends surrounding me.  I saw myself as different than others during my late elementary school years and into high school.  I saw others making choices that I didn’t make; thus, I began my own set values.

In middle school, my friends were experimenting with drugs and alcohol – a choice I have never made because I want to experience more in life than substances that are made to “enhance” your feelings. I have never drank or done drugs in my life because I don’t see the what purpose it serves in the life I live.

It is simply an individual choice as to whether or not you participate in such activity.  I like being free of such vices – they’re not things I need or want in my life.

To be individual from others, one must take steps away sometimes (even if it makes them feel unwanted).  Being a man is about making choices and facing the consequences. People may give a person grief for their choices but it always comes down to the individual not the group.   Being drug and alcohol free all my life has given me great experiences that I can remember and share with others.

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FallA photo can describe many things… this one in particular captures my favorite season and the colors/feelings that make it up.

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1.     He chooses challenging roles

2.     Stylish

3.     “G”

4.     He has good taste in music (He’s in an awesome band too.)

5.     Unique

6.     Articulate

7.     Dope taste in sunglasses

8.     Great Hair

9.     Individualistic

10. Good Taste in Women

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Style Blogger

The Style Blogger

In recent years, especially with the ideas of men wearing loafers more often than their tennis shoes, men have been seen going sockless.  Personally, I have always been a fan of this look for many reasons that often recieves grief from others for this style choice.

Here are my reasons:

·      It is a freeing feeling to able to let your feet breathe.

·      It makes a look more sophisticated. (Although, I do love wearing crazy colors in socks.)

·      Back in the day, Preps sported loafers without socks to show rebellion against the traditional look… and I dig that reason.

·      No worries in matching socks with your outfit – because you’re not wearing any!

·      It’s a personal style and not all Gents want to rep it.

Smell is always a dreaded issue raised with going sockless, but there are ways around it. Gold Bond or baby powder to put on your feet, takes care of this problem. Whether you choose to wear socks or not is up to you.  It’s all personal style and that is what’s important.

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Old School Apple LogoI would have to say one of the best purchases I have ever made was my MacBook – it was everything to me.  I was able to keep all my music, movies, papers, and other such vices inside of one small package. When I first purchased a computer in college, it was a Dell.  I dreamed of always having the infamous white MacBook but with the funds I had at the time, the Dell worked for me.  It wasn’t that the Dell was a bad computer but it didn’t have the mystique of a Mac.

A Mac is a well-constructed machine. Rather than having multiple tiny pieces is put together with less and is more solid.  The white just made it so clean and fresh looking to me.  It grabs your attention and stays with you. Especially when it makes the sound when it boots up and the little apple on the backside lights up.   Needless to say, it was during my third year of college that I finally bought a Mac and I loved it.  It seemed like everything was so much easier than using my Dell.

During my last semester of college, my white MacBook bit the dust. I was heartbroken. It was also upon the week of finals when it happened and all my papers were due. Luckily, I was able to obtain all my files off of the hard drive. I then invested in a MacBook Pro and I have loved it ever since.  It’s not the pearly white MacBook but it gets the job done.  I will forever be a Mac fan.

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Metal Gear Solid


Growing up, the family pastime was hanging around the TV and playing tons of video games. They ranged from the latest ‘Madden’ to the newest ‘Zelda.’  We played the all and had every console imaginable.  It was our way of relaxing and spending time with each other.

As I have grown I haven’t “gamed” in a matter of years now.  I began to see video games and the life that comes with one being a “gamer,” as boring and not something I wanted to continue to partake in.  There is neither nothing wrong with being a gamer, nor is it necessarily a childish thing – I just seemed to grow out of it and became interested in other things.

I would say my favorite game of all time would be ‘Metal Gear Solid.’ The games main focus is around the character of Snake and his adventure against a group of terrorists who have nuclear weapons. It was one of the first games of its time to popularize the use of stealth attack.  Snake, for the most part, is unarmed and has to use a stealth style of fighting to kill off the enemies.

I would sit and play this game for hours and race against my friends to see who was able to beat it faster.  The goal was to defeat the game in a certain amount of time to obtain a stealth suit, in which the enemies wouldn’t be able to see you.  It was one of the greatest rewards I can remember achieving in a game.

There were many games that I loved, but “Metal Gear Solid’ was the game that I have the fondest memory of playing and will be forever my favorite game.

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At the beginning of the year, I made a dream jar. I made this in hopes of meeting goals for the year that I planned on accomplishing.  As we have reached the halfway mark of 2013, my goals, so far, have come along nicely.

Blog: The blog, as I had planned, is developing into a something I envision it to become.

Education: Since I started the goal of furthering my education, I see myself still at a standstill, but also researching ideas.  I hope to come to some kind of conclusion to my goal by the end of this year.

Running: As we’ve reached the midpoint of the year, my running is becoming more and more involved as my mileage increases. I plan on running a couple of races, including a half marathon before the Bass Pro Shops Marathon in November.

Concerts: In the beginning of the summer, I have already gone to two different shows: The Tallest Man on Earth and Foals. The concerts were great and remind me there are still great ones ahead.

 Here’s cheers to the rest of the year…

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