Metal Gear Solid


Growing up, the family pastime was hanging around the TV and playing tons of video games. They ranged from the latest ‘Madden’ to the newest ‘Zelda.’  We played the all and had every console imaginable.  It was our way of relaxing and spending time with each other.

As I have grown I haven’t “gamed” in a matter of years now.  I began to see video games and the life that comes with one being a “gamer,” as boring and not something I wanted to continue to partake in.  There is neither nothing wrong with being a gamer, nor is it necessarily a childish thing – I just seemed to grow out of it and became interested in other things.

I would say my favorite game of all time would be ‘Metal Gear Solid.’ The games main focus is around the character of Snake and his adventure against a group of terrorists who have nuclear weapons. It was one of the first games of its time to popularize the use of stealth attack.  Snake, for the most part, is unarmed and has to use a stealth style of fighting to kill off the enemies.

I would sit and play this game for hours and race against my friends to see who was able to beat it faster.  The goal was to defeat the game in a certain amount of time to obtain a stealth suit, in which the enemies wouldn’t be able to see you.  It was one of the greatest rewards I can remember achieving in a game.

There were many games that I loved, but “Metal Gear Solid’ was the game that I have the fondest memory of playing and will be forever my favorite game.

Classically Yours,