ThriftI am a thrifter, and part of being one is finding the best deals.  I frequent the same spot twice a week – not only to fuel my love of fashion but to also equip myself with the gear I need for my room, library, record collection, or random things that I feel could be recreated for practical uses.

Of all of the great things I have acquired over time during my “thrift ventures,” I have two that have truly stood out: one of these finds being the Sony Blu-Ray player that I scored for ten dollars and the other a pair of Asics I found in which I ran my first marathon in and finished with for $3.98.

Thrifting can be a hard game and involves a lot of patience. You have to walk in with the mindset that you may not find what you are looking for, but in the search, there may be something that could also be to your benefit.  Keep a positive outlook and an open mind toward your adventures in thriftin’ and you will find some great things.

Classically yours,