paint pants 1

In a lot of my projects lately, I have focused my creativity with different mediums, such as painting and drawing. My love of art, specifically, painting, I feel comes from a family influence from my Great Aunt June. I remember her most for her landscape paintings, but also for the Michelangelo necklace she painted for me.  It is with her inspiration, plus my drive toward creativity that I constructed these pants.

paint pants 2

These splatter pants come from not only my familial inspiration, but also from the style bloggers Unabashedly Prep and Thread and Salt. They created and wore pieces that showed the splattering effect that I also used for these.

The pants, in essence, are what I would deem my creative side. The pants involve several different colors in various strokes. This shows the copious amounts of ideas I have and use to craft things that resemble me. I also want to point out the column in this picture – this signifies how found I am in my beliefs and ideals, but I am able to think abstractly about the world.paint pants 3

The process in making these splatter pants was very similar to my paint bag, in which I used the same style. It’s fairly easy to create these. The hard part, you might say, is how you wear these pants. I use a fairly dominant color to mute the boldness of the piece, such as the red sweater.  Good luck, if you so choose to create these pants, or any other garment you so desire.

paint pants 4

Classically Yours,