With being a fan of music and certain bands, I am always creating a bucket list of those who I want to see.  I have wanted to see The xx is a band since their first record. Their music is simplistic, yet very emotional in both the sounds and lyrics.  Their music relates to me on multiple levels and I think is most understood when seeing them live.



When I see a band live, I find it interesting to not only take in what the music sounds like, but the bands chemistry together when they’re playing the music. I have always seen The xx as a band in which Oliver Sim and Romy Madley-Croft are talking through the relationship problems and the deep concepts of love while Jamie xx creates the mood around them with his beats. Honestly, this is how they were live.  They band created a mood that the audience feels overwhelmed with emotion, not only through the two singers chemistry, but also the bass Jamie created through his multiple beat machines.



When going to see a band, especially one you love, it’s important to have your best friends with you. I made the trip to Tulsa, OK with my friends, Blake, Matt, Brad, Chris, his wife Sarah, Jason, and his girlfriend Molly. It was a blast and everyone had a really good time enjoying the sights and sounds of The xx. It has been said that seeing something great can only be appreciated in the company of others.  I find this true, especially when seeing one of my favorite bands.  The show, like many others I have attended, created great memories with not only the music, but great friends that appreciate the feelings of a band and the friendship.

Classically Yours,