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February 14, a day that lives in infamy for those of us who are single.  We sit around lonely, looking at others as they celebrate a day created by commercialism, to embrace the idea of “love.” Is it wrong to celebrate this day? No. I believe it is a good thing to signify a persons’ love for another, but why celebrate it on one day, when your love for someone can easily be expressed any other day of the year?

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Love, as I see it, is a quantification of feelings that can be expressed by two people at any given moment. In today’s world, others can see love as being nothing more than temporary. To me, though, love is vastly different and so are the new school ideas on relationships. What happened to the simple days when a man was able to get to know a woman and truly appreciate them? Going on dates were once an activity that individuals enjoyed.  They were able to have good conversation and try to understand on another. Most importantly they had fun. Dates, much like Valentine’s Day, almost seem fabricated. They’re almost a game, in which multiple dates equaled some kind of reward.

Here are my thoughts on Valentine’s Day: It isn’t a bad day but it is one that lets me rejoice in the idea of meeting someone someday that I will truly love.  Valentine’s Day isn’t one for me to sit around lonely and to be sad that I don’t have someone to be with; but, one in which I gather around friends and loved ones to celebrate the company that each of us share.  It is not about giving into the commercial idea of what the media or consumerism wants us to value.

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Take time to celebrate those around you and how they are important to your life. That’s what the day is truly about. Instead of taking pity in yourself, embrace who you are and the position you have in life.

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Classically Yours,