It is around Valentine’s Day that people are made to feel obligated to represent their love for one another. Why is it that we are made to feel this way, on one day of the year, rather than the other 364 days? Artists create albums every second, day, year, and never is it said that they were written on Valentine’s Day. I made this playlist, to not necessarily represent Valentine’s Day, but to remind myself and others that love does exist for us, and to not be quantified on such a day as this one that is commercially known to celebrate couples and their feelings for each other.

Let’s take a moment to also remember that this is “Singles Awareness Day.” Let these songs not put you in a bad mood because you’re one of the few single people in the world right now – as the card companies would like to say, celebrate the idea that there is someone out there for you, just not on Valentine’s Day.

Classically Yours,