Christmas is over – so it was time to create a new Flickr collage to use as my screen saver for my Apple TV. Lately, I have been inspired by the different types of art I have seen around me and on the Internet. Thanks to suggestions by my friends, I was able to compile several different pieces of art that I feel have an impact upon my creative capabilities.

In the pictures I have chosen, I feel they represent my current interests, and me such as: fashion, sports I enjoy, animals and artwork of the abstract kind. I think it is important to look at art as you do with yourself, finding qualities that are deemed pivotal and describe you.  It is like fashion that I see art as a way of representing individuality. The works I have chosen for my Flickr, I feel, represent this idea of individuality and stand out as unique pieces of art. Here is the link to my flickr

Classically Yours,