coat 2

I have always been a big fan of bags and coats. This coat in particular, I found while thrifting at Red Racks. Growing up, I always had a fascination with not only jackets, but also coats that I would see an older man wearing. As I have become a thrifter, my sights are more prone to finding interesting coats with different fabrics and patterns.  The coat pictured, is one that is very unique, in that it’s double-breasted.  It also is camel-colored, which is not as common in menswear.

coat 1

Due to my abundant collection of coats, I have chosen to give each of them names. This one, being that I found it with my friend, I decided to give it his name, Charles. The coat doesn’t necessarily personify Charlie, but he was present when I bought the coat. I feel like the name Charles, in essence, exemplifies a man who takes risks and is not afraid to stand out. ‘Charles’ showcases the quality in color, age, and sophistication.

coat 3

In sifting through various coats, this one grabbed my attention almost instantly. The cut, the buttons and the style had a sophisticated appeal that could only add to my wardrobe. It reminded me of a coat Cary Grant would have worn in one of his movies. It also had a very distinct European look to it with shoulder loops. The buttons have an aged look about them. This is one of my favorite parts about this coat.

Most guys see a coat for one purpose: to provide warmth on the coldest of days. I see them, though, as something that serves not only for its conventional purpose, but for the style, in which exemplifies my personal taste.

coat 4

In searching for your own Charles, try to emulate your style. Keep a mental image of a style that you favor, in that it will make your search and find much greater. Remember that coats, like a person, have unique qualities, so you may, like myself, give them a name that personifies their attributes.

Classically Yours,