Christmas has and always will be my favorite holiday. Not only because of the exchanging of gifts, but how it seems like the only holiday out of the year when people come together and truly try to enjoy one another’s company.  Growing up, I remember how excited I was for this day each year… I couldn’t wait to be spend time with my family, enjoy the food, and gifts.  It was much like Thanksgiving, but in a different way now than when I was younger. Even so, I still get excited about some of this memories I have from back then.

Christmas is a time for us to focus on the important things, such as family and the friends we care about the most.  I like to see Christmas as a holiday about giving, but showing it more than just a material gift.  It is a time when we celebrate the relationships we have with others… friends, family, spouse, co-workers etc. The lasting relationships I have with my friends and family is what I cherish the most during this Christmas.  My parents and grandparents always taught me to be appreciative of the things you have rather than what you don’t.

I would also like to point out the most important part of the holiday is the birth of Jesus Christ.  No matter your religious preference, this is a day for the people who believe in Him to rejoice in his birth and to be reminded of how this great figure is representative to them in their lives. I see Him as one that has impacted my thoughts on how a person should treat others and themselves.  His words in red have from the first time reading scripture helped me understand myself and what is expected of me through life in acknowledging both the victories and obstacles.   It is His birth, His life, and the things that He said that remind of the depth and importance of the holiday.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Take time to really appreciate the day and what it represents for you.

Classically Yours,