dinner 2

It is with the season that people come together to not only hangout, but to have dinner with the ones they care about.  I proposed the idea of a potluck dinner to my friends Elsie and Emma, who run the amazing blog A Beautiful Mess.  Elsie was gracious enough to offer her place as the venue for the event and it was a great time, to say the least. Also joining us for the get-together was Elsie’s husband, Jeremy, and Emma’s boyfriend, Trey.

dinner 3

Elsie’s creativity really shined through when I saw the decor. She chose to keep it very folky and festive. The centerpiece was pinecones and flowers, making the table feel very inviting. The menu was strictly vegetarian – I chose to bring cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole. Elsie and Emma made pizza and salad. My photographer, Wes, made a exquisite dish of vegan Mac n’ Cheese with Cornbread. Desert was divine: Emma made lavender ice cream, something I had never tasted before.

dinner 1

As with all great dinners, the food is usually the focal point. To me, though, it is also vital to mention the conversations and the gathering in itself that makes it the most memorable.  I feel that face-to-face communication is important in understanding the stories or feelings your friends and families share.  I learned this at a young age, and I still hold to the ideals of being able to have this type of relationship with others.  Enjoying the company of others and creating timeless memories that you will laugh about and remember the good times for holidays to come.

dinner 4

I want to thank Elsie, Emma, Trey and Jeremy for allowing this dinner to happen and for the time shared.

Classically Yours,