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An important part to my week is Thrifting.  I always go in with a mindset that I may or may not find exactly looking for but the venture might produce some good finds regardless.  Thrifting is like I am taking a look back in history.  I am able to find pieces from the past and make them relevant again. Something that I have learned over time is the timeless value of the clothing than a man can wear. I can remember a time when I didn’t care who made the clothing but that I had to put on certain types of clothing because they made you stand out to others.  bridge 8

I see my journey into clothing and style at a thrift store to be a chance when I am able to appreciate certain pieces, the designers who made them, and why I think I should add them to my collection.  It’s easy to go into any store and find the shirt, or jeans that you want, but it’s a real challenge to find them at the thrift store.  I enjoy the hunt and the satisfaction of finding something I have always been looking for that matches my style.

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I feel it’s important to mention that I love how a piece of clothing overtime ages and develops a certain type of character.  This is distinguished in the Bass shoes I found. The leather and the suede on these shoes have begun to wear, which has given them a really unique color and feel.  It also shows the value of a product and the timelessness that it has to offer.  Saddle shoes have been around for ages and continue to stay on trend in men’s wear.  The Dexter suede shoes I found are also timeless and right on the spot for something I can wear both casually and dressy.

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The pocket squares I am wearing in my jacket were an old handkerchief and tablecloth that I cut up and sewed to my own specifications.  I enjoy that I can thrift something and restore it.  It serves as both a way of recycling and creativity.  It is fun to see the endless amounts of possibilities that something can be recreated and reused, as a result of thrifting.

Visit your local thrift stores and see what you are able to add to your collection of clothing.

Classically yours,