scarf 6When it becomes colder outside every gentleman is looking for something to keep themselves warm.  A scarf is just the thing that adds the extra warmth and color to what we men are wearing.  Personally, I like to have different textures and patterns in the scarves I wear to keep diversity in the wardrobe I have. Over time, I have acquired many different pieces, but this year I decided to make my own.

scarf 1

Polka dots and floral prints are stereotypically a women’s wear pattern, until the last couple of years.  Guys are starting to wear both of these designs in more ways than one.  I have seen men wear these prints in shirts, pants, and even ties.  I thought I would embrace this trend, so I visited my local fabric store. It wasn’t a simple task, since I am still novice to sewing. I thought it would be a good way to gain more experience with the machine. The time spent on the project was a matter of a couple days, but the results were flawless.

scarf 2.0 2

I like to wear scarves both for functionality and style; they really add a precise look to what I am wearing and they make the outfit stand out.  I feel like that creating these pieces not only is an addition to my wardrobe, but something I could look back on and say that “I made these.”  I feel this is an important part in not only understanding my own style, but feeling out my creative energies.  Creating something from scratch can be both hard and rewarding at the same time.

scarf 2.0 1

Classically Yours,