When the days start getting colder and the leaves are changing, I look for a simple piece that adds some texture to my outfit.  The jean jacket stands out as something that is both classic and modern to any man’s closet.  What I enjoy the most about it, especially in the fall, is that it can be used a layering piece. It can be worn over a button up, t-shirt or even a sweater.

Jean jackets have been around for many generations and have been worn by many types of subcultures, including greasers, hippies, punks, and preps in the 80’s. Today, jean jackets are worn in a variety of ways. I prefer to wear mine almost like a sport jacket with a button-up, chinos, and a pocket square to add a bit of flair. The timelessness of the jean jacket is the coolest part about this fashion piece.

This Levi’s jean jacket I am wearing was handed down to me by a friend, whose father once wore it in the 1960’s.  His father wore it a lot and was really proud of it. He would wear it on dates with his wife driving his ’63 Chevy impala and on his ’48 Harley Davidson (during his greaser phase). It’s stood the test of time in both durability and functionality.  The color is deep, dark denim, which compliments the lighter colors and the varying of textures I wear in my wardrobe.  I can’t wait for the day when I am able to hand this down to my son. I hope he will keep the tradition alive and appreciate the richness and history of the jacket.

Classically Yours,