I am always searching for inspiration. The blogs I read and the Pins I see keep me motivated and focused. Occasionally, though, there is nothing like a great magazine that enhances the creative flow. Kinfolk magazine is a source of originality and a reminder of what it means to have traditions and the relationships that we have with friends.

Kinfolk is a fairly new magazine.  I picked up the fourth volume and was instantly hooked with the construction and overall feel of the content. Most of the publications I read are not of the physical quality of Kinfolk; it is built like a book. The pages are made of stiff card stock that makes the pictures look aged and unique with each turn.  The images are exhilarating. They focus on nature, food, and the traditions that still are held by individuals around the United States.

Traditions seem to be a dying standard. The days of people gathering and over great meals are seen as “old fashioned.” To me, it is these types of customs that keep an individual in touch with themselves and the people they care about.  Each year, people gather during Thanksgiving and Christmas not only to celebrate the holiday but also to share in each other’s company.  Kinfolk, in each issue, shows how conventional meetings amongst people can be important towards not only creating relationships but feeling like a more rounded individual.

In the fourth issue, an interview was conducted with Adam and Chelsea James, a young couple who traveled all over Europe for their honeymoon and before having their first child. By seeing the world together, they felt traveling was as a way that enabled them in becoming a stronger couple; Adam and Chelsea sought out inspiration by venturing into the unknown.  After returning home, they felt complete and now are settling down in their own world with a child.  This article really makes one think about the importance of seeing great things and experiencing them with the one you love. Its stories like this that makes Kinfolk one of the more unique and invigorating magazines out there. The cost of this publication is pricier than others on the store shelf at $18. Even so, it offers more to than just the price tag.  I highly recommend you check it out.

Classically Yours,