As guys we feel the need to not accessorize as much as women.  I just don’t see this as the case. I have always felt like it was the little things that one could put into their outfit to add that extra “pop.” A boutonniere is just that type of addition to one’s attire.  I chose from the blog The Decorated House to create my own flower.  Keep in mind you don’t have to use the type of fabric they chose here to make the boutonniere. There are many different types to choose from at almost any fabric store. Here is the link to the D.I.Y. of this project Boutonniere.   FYI: We chose at first to do this by sewing but found out after some trial and error that glue worked much easier.




The results of the project looked like this:

I would also like to add that most people think that a boutonniere should only be worn on a suit jacket but to me you can wear on a button up (as pictured here), or even a plain t-shirt to add some flavor.
Also,  with almost all my creative projects I always get something good to eat to get me brain working. We chose apple pie that night:

Good luck…

Classically yours,