Frankie Rose- Interstellar

It was in 2010 when Frankie Rose, drummer/vocalist of the Vivian Girls, decided to pursue new territory with her album Frankie Rose and The Outs.The album was much like that of her former group – fuzzy, garage rock. With her new work with Interstellar though, she breaks new ground.  No longer is it just the noises of an all girl garage rock band looking for their signature sound, but one who has found it listening to The Human League and The Cure. The album is heavy on the synth but still sticks to great hooks that fans of the Vivian Girls can still appreciate with standout tracks “Know Me,” “Nightswim,” and the very beautiful instrumental “The Fall.”

La Sera- Sees the Light

La Sera is Katy Goodman, fellow band mate of Frankie Rose, in The Vivian Girls. The music of La Sera is similar to other genre “Indie Pop” bands like Best Coast or Tennis.  This record is an excellent mix of heavier songs, much like those made with her former band and softer ballads that are sweet, but not sappy.  This album is leaps ahead of it’s predecessor La Sera, that seemingly focused on cute, love stricken songs that weren’t dull, although lacked the drive that Sees the Light brings to the world.

Best Coast- The Only Place

The new Best Coast album is the best work the band has ever created; they no longer seem like teenagers writing music in notebooks and playing loud, fuzzy, garage rock reverb, but more focused and more produced.  The guitars and vocals sound clean. Bethany Constantio still sings about tribulations with boys and seems more hopeful toward the future, with a lot less teenage angst. Producer John Brion assists Best Coast in keeping the same beach rock, sun burnt, California pride, only now with a more reserved formula. This album will definitely bring more listeners. It might possibly grab the attention of those who didn’t find great satisfaction with the last record.

Beach House- Bloom

Bloom is unlike any other Beach House album. While their other albums are very good, this album creates a larger atmosphere than the past albums had to offer. Listeners find the band heading toward a larger landscape of Dream Pop, one of which truly surrounds its audience and entraps them in vision that Beach House has been searching for since their first album. The duo has found a right direction, which certainly shows a more promising future for a band that has already released several stellar albums.

Sharon Van Etten- Tramp

Sharon Van Etten has one of the most unique voices from indie singer-songwriters. Her first EP, Epic, genuninely showcased her individuality as a writer and the power of her vocal cords. On Tramp she uses these strengths and adds a bigger sound with help of Aaron Dressener from The National, and special guests, including Zach Condon from Beirut.  Van Etten’s album is just a small taste of what the future holds for this promising singer-songwriter.

Classically Yours,