Welcome to the launch of Independent Gentleman, the fusing of two of my passions menswear and music.  These two things have been my interests for many years, in that they have given my a chance to define myself as an individual.

I like to think of my style as being the “Three C’s” clean, classic, and creative. I see these characteristics of my look as being timeless. They embody who I am, whether  it is evident in what I wear or how I see myself as individual. My influences range from literature from the Fitzgearldian era, 50’s jazz boppers like Chet Baker, and JFK.  Their styles will forever be instilled in menswear history.

While I listen to various types of music the one that peaks my interest is Indie Rock. The bands like the sounds that they create are very individual and stand as opposing to the modern mainstream.  The music like my style is one that is ever changing; yet, sticks to the roots of where it all started: artistic, significant, and innovative.

There is more things to come in the future of this blog.  Stay tuned to the many stylings and music recommendations that I have to offer.

Classically Yours,